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A temperature sensor enables temperature measurement by transforming the detected value into an electrical output signal. A device connected to the sensor calculates the temperature and displays the results, usually as degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit (°C and °F).


These devices are found in every industrial domain for checking and controlling process conditions. They also are used in laboratories and in the field for meteorological measurements.


The most common sensing techniques are based on thermocouple, thermistor and resistance temperature detection (RTD) technology. However, the temperature of an object also can be measured via its infrared emissions.

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Selection will depend on whether the material to be measured is a solid, a liquid or a gas, as well as the range of values and required degree of accuracy. Pressure, explosion risk and other factors of the operational environment may also influence choice of model.

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NXP Semiconductors
Integrated circuit NXP Semiconductors

NXP continues its leading position in I²C-bus devices, offering you a vast portfolio of...

NXP Semiconductors KTY8x, PCT2075 series
Silicon integrated circuit KTY8x, PCT2075 series NXP Semiconductors

With a virtually linear characteristic over their...

Frank W Murphy Ltd. EG series
Rugged resistive NTC EG series Frank W Murphy Ltd.

The EG21 series Electric Gauge and the EGS21 series Swichgage® take the electric gauge to new heights with proven technology and reliability. Utilising our EG Air Core movement design, the EG(S)21 series...

Frank W Murphy Ltd. 76.TS
Temperature switch 76.TS Frank W Murphy Ltd.

A compact, durable switch for initiating engine coolant over-temperature shutdowns or warnings. The...

Frank W Murphy Ltd. TSB
Temperature switch TSB Frank W Murphy Ltd.

The TSB switch is a direct mount switch for temperature sensing. It has one limit contact that can be used to activate an alarm, actuate indicator lights or shut down equipment. The...

1 products Micrel
Micrel MIC281
Integrated circuit MIC281 Micrel

The MIC281 is a digital thermal sensor capable of measuring the temperature of a remote PN junction. It is optimized for applications favoring low cost and small size. The remote junction may be an inexpensive...

3 products Azbil
Azbil max. 1 000 °C | ATT90
max. 1 000 °C | ATT90 Azbil

The model ATT90 temperature sensor, which is designed to be used in conjunction with the Smart Temperature Transmitter model ATT61/71, is comprised of various sheathed...

Azbil -200 °C ... +1 760 °C | ATT60, 70
Temperature transmitter -200 °C ... +1 760 °C | ATT60, 70 Azbil

The Advanced Temperature Transmitter (models ATT60/ 70) is a field instrument that converts...

Azbil -200 °C ... + 1 250 °C | ATT61, 71
Temperature transmitter -200 °C ... + 1 250 °C | ATT61, 71 Azbil

The models ATT61/71 Advanced Transmitter are tempera- ture transmitters for the model ATT90 integral temperature sensor and models ATTSQ protecting wells for the tem- peramre...

1 products EFS
EFS EFS 8341
Optical fiber EFS 8341 EFS

Dielectrically insulated, ideal for temperature measurement in magnetic fields Low...

1 products Getamo
Getamo getTemp
Optical fiber getTemp Getamo

Our getTemp is a fibre optic coupled thermometer for temperature measurement in high electromagnetic interfered environment, in micro-wave fields and places where measurement with electric temperature...

Scitec Instruments
Infrared with thermocouple output Scitec Instruments

This infrared thermocouple system consists of a standard Series 12 infrared source, a Type K thermocouple and an optional digital...

Scitec Instruments P9217 series
Infrared P9217 series Scitec Instruments

Features High reliability High temperature...

Scitec Instruments P9696 series
Infrared P9696 series Scitec Instruments

Features Excellent photosensitivity: three times...

1 products Blum-Novotest
Blum-Novotest TG80
TG80 Blum-Novotest

The TG80 allows a machine integrated determination of the workpiece temperature parallel to the primary processing time. It is used for...

1 products ELECTREX

Multifunctional Sensors The multifunctional Deca Sensors are the best solution for environmetal parameters...

1 products KOA
KOA 0.063 W, 100 - 500 Ω | SDT73x series
Thinfilm platinum 0.063 W, 100 - 500 Ω | SDT73x series KOA

・SMD platinum thin film thermal sensors. ・T.C.R. is in...

1 products Pulsotronic
Hightemperature resistive Pulsotronic

Sensors for applications that require an enlarged operating temperature range from -40°C ... 100°C. Customized sensors for temperature...

1 products Statek
Mini Statek

Miniature Quartz Temperature Sensor The TS Quartz Temperature Sensors are tuning-fork quartz crystals vibrating in a torsional mode. They are designed so that their frequency is both extremely sensitive...

Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology

Linear Active Thermistor™ ICs are sensors whose output voltage is directly proportional to measured temperature. The MCP9700...

1 products HEINZMANN

For fluid, gas temperature measurement IP 65 protection class rating types...

4 products acim jouanin
Torex Semiconductor ltd. max. 6V | XC31BP, XC3101
PCB CMOS max. 6V | XC31BP, XC3101 Torex Semiconductor ltd.

The XC31BSeries are ultra small CMOS temperature sensor ICs. As a bandgap type temperature sensor is built-into the XC31B, linearity,...

4 products Aquametro AG
Aquametro AG max. 150 °C | PLH
Immersion resistive max. 150 °C | PLH Aquametro AG

Cable sensor pair as Pt 100 or Pt 500 Diameter 5 mm, length: 45 mm (short cable sensor only) Diameter 6 mm, choice of sensor lengths (105, 140, 175 or 230 mm) Measurements range: 0...150 °C Approval...

Aquametro AG max. 150 °C | DS/PSC
Pt100 temperature probe max. 150 °C | DS/PSC Aquametro AG

Cable sensor pair as Pt 100 or Pt 500 Diameter 5 mm, length: 45 mm (short cable sensor only) Diameter 6 mm, choice of sensor lengths (105, 140, 175 or 230 mm) Measurements range: 0...150 °C Approval...

Aquametro AG max. 150 °C | PLC
Pt100 temperature probe max. 150 °C | PLC Aquametro AG

Cable sensor pair as Pt 100 or Pt 500 Diameter 5 mm, length: 45 mm (short cable sensor only) Diameter 6 mm, choice of sensor lengths (105, 140, 175 or 230 mm) Measurements range: 0...150 °C Approval...

Aquametro AG max. 100 cP | Viscomaster™ series
Fluid analysis sensor: viscosity, density, dielectric constant, temperature max. 100 cP | Viscomaster™ series Aquametro AG

Viscosity and density sensors Technical data Viscosity calibrated ranges - 0.5 to 100 cP (Viscomaster) 0 to 50 cP (Dynamic) Viscosity accuracy - ±1 % span (±0.2...

Eltako Electronics SR65VFG
Wireless resistive SR65VFG Eltako Electronics

Wireless contact temperature sensor Thermokon 10 to 90°C, 78x58mm, 46mm deep. The electronic requires no intrinsic power supply, so there is no...

RCD Components Inc 100, 500, 1 000 Ω | PT Series
Platinum 100, 500, 1 000 Ω | PT Series RCD Components Inc

Industrys lowest cost and widest selection! Precision performance, excellent...

RCD Components Inc PTC, PTS Series
Resistance temperature probe PTC, PTS Series RCD Components Inc

RCDs Resistance Temperature Detectors are designed for tough industrial applications, and are utilized...

6 products TME
TME 22810
Platinum for surface temperature measurement 22810 TME

Protected Pt100 sensor in a Kapton support Flexible surface...

TME 29223
Resistance for surface temperature measurement 29223 TME

Encapsulated Pt100 sensor in Kapton support Flexible miniature...

TME -200 - 260 °C | 29280
Platinum for surface temperature measurement -200 - 260 °C | 29280 TME

Immergeable Pt100 sensor Flexible surface sensor in platinum Range -200 to +260°C (-328...

TME max. 510 °C | 29226
Wire wound ceramic resistive temperature detector (RTD) max. 510 °C | 29226 TME

Platinum sensor sealed in a ceramic tube Up to +510°C...

TME 0 - 400 bar | PM 104 TE
High-temperature pressure sensor 0 - 400 bar | PM 104 TE TME

Relative pressure from 0-10 bars to 0-400 bars Diaphragm design All parts stainless steel...

TME -50 - 232 °C | 29258
Resistance temperature probe with stainless steel tube -50 - 232 °C | 29258 TME

Platinum sensor sealed in a atinless steel tubing Range -50 to +232°C...

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