tension load cell / through-hole / strain gauge
tension load cell

Rated force: 2, 5, 10, 25 kN

The compactness of the U2000 load cell is what makes it the right choice for applications with space constraints. The robust cell makes use of multiple strain gauges. These are strategically placed to counter and minimize errors that ...

tension/compression load cell / stainless steel / through-hole
tension/compression load cell

Rated force: 0.1 kN - 1,000 kN

Altheris provides high quality pancake load cells with a hardened stainless steel body. The Pancake loadcells are characterized by their flat form. These sensors have a good output symmetry between compression and tension operation. Often ...

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Altheris sensors & controls
tension/compression load cell / cost-effective / compact / waterproof
tension/compression load cell

Rated force: 100 N

Variense FSE103 is a unique multi-axis force sensor. Multi-axis force sensors are robust mechanical devices that exhibit a variation in signal when force is exerted on the surface of the sensor. This sensory information can then be used ...

block type force sensor / through-hole / for web tension control
block type force sensor
MDL series

Rated force: 5 kN

Specifically designed for machines where re-grinding of rolls, a surface treatment of rolls, or a quick exchange of rolls is essential. The measuring pillow block bearing MDL is designed for quick installation and removal of rolls. Only ...

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tension/compression load cell / stainless steel / nickel-plated / for cranes
tension/compression load cell
HT-1 series

Rated load: 1 t - 100 t

The HT (1) series by Puls Electronic is a high capacity compression load cell which is designed for tension and compression applications. The unit works efficiently with shear beam which is available in different electrical resistance ...

compression load cell / canister / stainless steel / through-hole
compression load cell

The 1053V1 model manufactured by DYTRAN is an IEPE force sensor with a 500 mV/lbf sensitivity. It features a quartz sensing element that functions in compression mode and is made from a stainless steel housing with a rugged design that ...

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compression load cell / NTEP / OIML / stainless steel
compression load cell
BM24R series

Rated load: 0.5 t - 60 t

The BM24R model, engineered by Celmi, is a compression load cell intended for small capacity weighing systems. It features a stainless steel construction that is capable of holding a nominal load from a range of 0.5~10 T. This device ...

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tension/compression load cell / pancake type / strain gauge / through-hole
tension/compression load cell
LUK-A series

Rated force: 5 kN - 2,000 kN

Compact,Light Weight, Tension/ Compression Load Cells The thin structure is suitable for installation where the height is limited. The service life can be extended by using with one-half the rated capacity if repetitive loads are applied ...

compression load cell / with overload protection / low-capacity / compact
compression load cell
max. 1.5 kN | 1500 series

Rated force: 125 N - 1,500 N
Rated load: 25 lb - 300 lb

Proprietary Interface temperature compensated strain gages Performance to .05% Compact 23/4 in (70mm) diameter Fatigue rated Eccentric load compensated ±0.0008% /˚F - max temperature effect on output The 1500 ...

compression load cell / stainless steel / strain gauge / through-hole
compression load cell
ES series

Rated load: 0 lb - 500 lb

A stainless steel body and IP54 rating, combined with industry leading sensitivity make the ES Series Dead Shaft Idler load cell a performance and reliability all star, making your process more efficient and more productive.

torsion load cell / through-hole
torsion load cell
max. 50 t | CTUS series

The CTUS series of low profile ring torsion load cells are suitable for high capacity compression measurement and weighing applications where a low-height assembly is desirable such as vessels, silos and weighbridges. The ring torsion ...

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Applied Measurements
compression load cell / strain gauge / through-hole
compression load cell
50 - 25 000 N, ø 105 - 270 mm | ATB-PMZ series

The ATB-PMZ is manufactured by ASA-RT. This product has in internal structure with a low deflection. Additionally, The said model provides a housing For the ball bearing.

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ASA-RT s.r.l.
web tension control load cell / strain gauge / through-hole
web tension control load cell
25 - 600 kg | SX-CH

The SX-CH model, assembled by Renova, is a load cell intended for web tension control purposes. It is built with a compact design and is available with loads from 25 to 600 kg. The unit also produces an output of 0-16 mV voltage or 4-20 ...

compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / pancake type
compression load cell

Rated force: 0.5 kN - 350 kN

Static and dynamic force measurement Measuring 0,5 ... 100kN Characteristic curve deviation < 0,3% FS