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impeller flow meter / bi-directional - 0.01 - 160 l/min | FT2

The FT2 model is a radial flow turbine meter that utilizes a low inertia turbine supported by durable sapphire...

impeller flow meter / for corrosive liquids - max. 30 l/min, max. 10 bar | 1000, 900 series

The 900 series flowmeter is designed to give high performance and competitive pricing with 6 flow ranges from 0.05 to 15 litres per minute. Its choice of body materials makes this the ideal choice for the metering of aggressive chemicals, including ultrapure water. The...

impeller flow meter - max. 10 l/min

This flowmeter is designed specifically for the drinks dispense industries including beer wines and spirits. They give high performance and competitive pricing...

impeller flow meter / insertion - max. 80 bar, max. 200 °C

The insertion turbine flowmeter from Titan rotates freely on a shaft made of 316 stainless steel and has aerofoil shaped blades to extend the dynamic range of the meter. These insertion turbines...

impeller flow meter - max. 60 bar, 1/2 - 4

The PF9V Series, manufactured by Riels, is an electronic meter designed to read the flow rate and...

impeller flow meter / in-line - 5 - 500 mm

The inline turbine flowmeter from Petrosystem is especially designed to deliver precise and...

impeller flow meter / insertion - 5000 series

The Insertion Turbine Flowmeter of Series 5000 is manufactured for a cost-effective and uninterrupted set up...

impeller flow meter / in-line - 4 - 12

The Custody Transfer Turbine Meters are designed to provide high accuracy of liquid flow...

impeller flow meter - max. 120 L/min

Turbine digital meter Range:10 ÷ 120 l/min

Turbine digital meter


A meter for delivering low viscosity fluids with a turbine...

impeller flow meter - max. 40 L/min

Numak srl logo Turbine flow meter which ranges from 4 ÷ 40 l/min l/min is a meter for presenting low viscosity liquids with a turbine measuring system. They can be smoothly setup, in line or at the end of a delivery...

impeller flow meter - DN 15 - 400, 4 500 m3/h | EX Turbine

The EX Turbine from OVAL is a highly accurate turbine flowmeter especially designed with...

impeller flow meter / high-temperature - 40 - 300 mm | ME

The ME Flow Meter is a turbine flowmeter designed for measuring cold and hot water....

impeller flow meter - 25 - 100 mm

The Turbo Steam Meter is designed for use in the measurement of saturated steam flow. The...

impeller flow meter / heavy-duty - max. 275 psi | 2510FG

Our new, fully integrated DP flowmeters are compact and rugged, with directly connected, large throated, non-clogging flow nozzles. This unique design reduces size and cost while minimizing errors and leaks.


impeller flow meter / for liquids - max. 6 700 m3/h | TM44 series

Malema's TM44 series turbine flow meter is used in precise measurement of clean fluid flow. The TM44 can be supplied as a basic sensor with a pulse output or a 4-20mA output. Alternatively,...

impeller flow meter / flange-mount - 2 - 19 800 gpm | RECORDALL® TURBO series

The Badger Meter Recordall® Turbo Series Meters represent a high performance, cost-effective solution for use in large installations such as hotels, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing and...

impeller flow meter - RECORDALL® FIRE HYDRANT

Badget Meter manufactures Recordall® Fire Hydrant Meters based on the premise that most businesses today requires...

impeller flow meter - 3/4 - 7 000 gpm | RECORDALL® FIRE series

Reliability and Revenue Protection
For Your Dedicated and Multi-Use Fire Service Applications
Industrial • Multi-Residential • Commercial

As the sentinels of your vital fire protection systems, Recordall Fire Series meters (FSMA) and assemblies (FSAA) are built to provide big performance, whether they are used in a secondary line dedicated to fire protection alone,...

impeller flow meter / for gas - ORION® Gas Endpoints

The ORION® is a gas meter endpoint engineered by Badger Meter. It has compatibility with various gas meters, such as Elster/American®, Sensus, and Itron. The unit offers efficient read rates, suitable...

impeller flow meter / with counting - 0.15 - 120 m³/h, DN 10 - 65 | RQ series 1

DN 10 - 65
PN 16 - 320
flow rates 0,15 - 120 m³/h
accuracy ± 0,15...

impeller flow meter / with counting - 18 - 2 400 m³/h, DN 80 - 300 | RQ series 2

DN 80 - 300
PN 16 -100
flow rates 18 - 2400 m³/h
accuracy ± 0,15 %...

impeller flow meter - 3/8 - 1

3/8 to 1 inch
5-40 GPM max flows

impeller flow meter - max. 68 m3/h

Flow dependent revolution of turbine elements provide linear...

impeller flow meter / for liquids - 1893 - 18927 l/min, max. 232 °C | 1100

Turbine Meters:

#Flow ranges: 0.6 - 3.0 GPM (2.27 - 11.36 LPM)
up to 500 - 5000 GPM (1893 - 18927 LPM)
#Rugged contruction
- Body: T316 Stainless steel
- Rotor: T416 Stainless steel
- Internal supports: Tungsten carbide
- Bearings:...

impeller flow meter / for liquids - HELIFLU™ TZN

DN 15-500 (0,5 - 20"), 0,1 - 350 cSt
The Heliflu™ TZN turbine meter is designed for process and fiscal measurement.
This flowmeter can be used in applications such as :

. Oil production allocation,
. FSO, FPSO metering,
. Tanker loading/offloading,
. Storage management,

impeller flow meter / for heavy liquids - HELIFLU™ TZN CUS

DN 80-450 (3 -18") 0,1-350 cSt
The Heliflu™ TZN CUS turbine meter is designed for custody transfer measurement of liquids containing DRA, wax, fibers, sand, chalk, . Its advanced geometry and robust construction allows the TZN CUS flowmeter to be used under the most severe process conditions.

This flowmeter can...

impeller flow meter / for liquids - HELIFLU™ TCX

DN25-300 (1-12") - 0,6- 75 cSt
The Heliflu™ TCX turbine meter is designed to accurate measurement of low to medium viscosity liquids.
This flowmeter...

impeller flow meter / for liquids / for custody transfer - HELIFLU™ TLM

0.1 - 15 cSt
Faure Herman's (France) HelifluTM TLM turbine meter is designed to measure flows of low to medium viscosity liquids & refined products.

This flowmeter can be used in applications such as :
. airport refuelling
. wagon & road tankers,
. loading / off loading.

The HELIFLUTM TLM meter is fitted with a removable...

impeller flow meter / for liquids - HELIFLU™ TLM-C

ø 100 mm (4")
The HELIFLU™ TLM-C turbine meter is designed to measure flows of low to medium viscosity liquids for unloading activities.

This flowmeter can be used in applications such as :

. airport refueling
. on-truck unloading.


impeller flow meter / in-line - TM-44

Suitable for flow measurement of liquids or volume totalizer, with several options for the electronic converters. Suitable...

impeller flow meter - 0 - 149 °C, max. 10.3 Bar | HMP

Based on the proven design of the HM turbine meter, the HMP Turbine Flowmeter...

impeller flow meter / stainless steel - max. 10 000 l/min | BNO

A range of Stainless Steel turbine flowmeters capable of measuring flow rates of water and low to medium viscosity oils and other liquids in high pressure applications. Providing an electrical pulse output these meters, when linked...

impeller flow meter / fuel / with counting - max. 750 l/min, max. 12.5 bar| BS 15 series

General Features:
■ Positive displacement rotating type flowmeter
■ A perfect...

impeller flow meter / fuel / with counting - max. 90 l/min, max. 2.5 bar | BS 16 series

General Features:
■ Positive displacement rotating type flowmeter
■ A perfect...

impeller flow meter / fuel / with counting - max. 400 l/min, max. 10 bar | BS 17 series

General Features:
■ Positive displacement rotating type flowmeter
■ A perfect...

impeller flow meter / high-accuracy - 25 - 12 000 gpm

For Liquid or Gas Service

Flow Ranges from .25 to
12000 US GPM

Digital Output...

impeller flow meter / sanitary - 1.25 - 1 250 gpm

Sponsler's 3A Sanitary Precision Turbine Flowmeters are constructed of 300 series stainless steel material. The Sponsler 3A Sanitary series Precision Flowmeter range in size from 3/4" to 4" and can be installed either horizontally or vertically with a variety of optional end-fittings to meet your needs....

impeller flow meter / high-accuracy - 0.25 - 1 200 gpm

Installs Between Flanges

Eleven Overlapping Flow Ranges
from .25 to 1200 US GPM

For use in Liquid and Gas


impeller flow meter / for corrosive liquids - 0.25 - 1 500 gpm

Measurement of Hard to Handle Liquids

Twelve Sizes Covering Flow ranges

impeller flow meter - 0.4 - 450 gpm | FSB, FSC series

FSB/FSC/FSD Series Classic Sensors

- Flow ranges from 0.4 - 7.0 GPM (1.5 - 26 LPM) up to 10 - 350 GPM (37 - 1324 LPM)
-Port sizes:
- SAE 8 to SAE 16, O-ring boss
- SAE 20 to SAE 24, Code 61 4-bolt face

impeller flow meter / bi-directional - 1 - 85 gpm | FSC series

Quad Sensors

- Monitors flow in both forward and reverse directions
- Flow ranges from 1 - 15 GPM (4...


How to choose this product


A turbine flow meter measures volumetric fluid flow in a closed pipe.


These sturdy, reliable, precise devices are used to measure the volumetric flow rate of gases and clean, low-viscosity liquids. They are found throughout industry, but especially in the food and chemical sectors.


The turbine blades turn as the fluid passes over them. A sensor reads the rotational speed, which is proportional to that of the fluid flow. The sensor generates an AC output signal.

How to choose

Choice will depend on pipe diameter, the fluid to be measured and the operating environment.

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