In-line vacuum filter
70 - 140 Ám | FLTP series ANVER Vacuum System Specialists

These are absolutely great vacuum filters for use with vacuum pumps and vacuum systems. They are 100% airtight, even after repeated element changes; you can easily see when the element needs changing; they do not corrode or rust; and the element works well even on fine dust.

These filters are used to protect valves, pumps, ejectors, etc., from dust and other harmful particles. In-line filters are designed to be serviced without removing the entire unit from the line.

You can simply remove the bowl by hand and clean or change the filter element. The transparent nylon bowl allows you to easily monitor the filter condition.

ANVER vacuum filters range in size from 1/4" to 1-1/2" NPT and are constructed from FDA approved black nylon. If space permits, use of the longer size bowl will require fewer element changes.


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