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Powerwrap Wide Cefla Finishing

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laminating machine laminating machine - Powerwrap Wide


Wood, Plastic and Metal Lamination

PowerWrap Wide is the standard-setter for veneer processing - designed and manufactured by Düspohl.

PowerWrap Wide offers unmatched efficiency with maximum user-friendliness, unlimited availability and perfect product output.
PowerWrap Wide has been specifically designed for laminating wooden and plastic panels utilising reel mounted decorative finishing materials. Working width can be up to a maximum of 1400 mm which allows for adhesive application with a continuously adjustable slot coater. The machine is also equipped with frequency controlled drives, cleaning and pre-treatment units and a detection system for aluminium strips in veneer material reels.

Melting unit for EVA, polyolefin and PUR adhesives in granular or block form
Unwinder and automatic changeover system for reel-mounted material
Independent speed adhesive dosing control
Touch screen control
Filter with quick changeover system
Pressure zone with quick changeover system
Central adjustment of transport wheel width
Silicone rubber rollers

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