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EMI filter / single-phase / power / multi-stage
1 - 16 A | FN 2080 SCHAFFNER Group


  • Electrical characteristics:

    single-phase, power, EMI

  • Number of stages:


  • Current:

    Min.: 1 A

    Max.: 16 A

  • Voltage:

    250 V


The FN 2080 is an EMC/EMI filter manufactured by Schaffner. It is available in optional safety (A Type) and medical (B Type) versions.

The device has a frequency rate of 400Hz, and a voltage rate of more than 250V. It has a current rate of 1 A up to 16 A. Furthermore, the filter has a leakage current of 0.734 mA, with A Type having 0.074 mA and B type with 0.002 mA.


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