high-voltage reed switch
KSK-1A35/1 Standex-Meder Electronics GmbH

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high-voltage reed switch high-voltage reed switch - KSK-1A35/1


  • Electrical characteristics:



The KSK‐1A35/1 series Miniature High Voltage reed switch with their Flat lead design,Miniature size,Zero emissions and REACH,RoHS certification have proved to be the World’s smallest high voltage switch that are also Hermetically sealed providing Millions of reliable operations.This miniature KSK‐1A35/1 model available without the requirement for any power consumption are specifically manufactured in a flat lead design that allows a paddle orientation along with excellent surface mount behaviours.
The switches available in a contact form 1A(SPST) that is normally open contact are also equipped with a centre gap along with maximum glass length of 10.5 mm,a maximum glass diameter of 2.2mm and an overall lead length of 34.5mm.The excellent electrical characteristics of these switches allows zero to 10 VA of rated power, switching voltage of zero to 1000 volts that may be VDC/VAC,and switching current max of 0.7 amps or carry current max of 1.25A,in addition to the operating sensitivity range of 20‐35 Ampere‐turns.These are also equipped with a contact capacitance<0.3pf,minimum insulation resistance of 109Ω.and breakdown voltage of 1500 VDC across the contacts as well as a 150mΩ contact resistance.