flat suction cup / round / for gripping / for glazing
085075A, 185075/90A VUOTOTECNICA



  • Type:

    flat, round

  • Other characteristics:

    for gripping, for glazing, clamping, vacuum

  • Diameter:

    85 mm, 150 mm


When it comes to glass machinery manufacturers, these require increasing accuracy and safety of clamping machines. This basic requirement led to the creation of this cup series, specially designed to guarantee a firm grip. In addition to the unique shape, other features are the incredible precision in height, as well as the nominal size that has a tolerance of only five hundredths of a millimeter.

This item is comprised of a sturdy anodized aluminum support with a wide surface at the base, which is limited by a seal as well as a standard circular flat cup, assembled onto the upper part of the support with an important role to play in gripping the load. The ball valve opens up, creating a vacuum, but only when the load to be gripped activates it. Finally, a release button has been provided for allowing placing of the support with the vacuum inserted, while the quick couplings facilitate the vacuum connection.

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