rectangular suction cup / flat / for gripping / clamping



  • Type:

    rectangular, flat

  • Other characteristics:

    for gripping, clamping, vacuum


This machine is made of rectangular cups with a ball valve and works as a mobile clamping system. The system also has self locking support. The cups in this system are made of good quality material. The machine comes with a wide surface support made from anodized aluminum and is limited by a seal to fix the part to the bearing surface. This machine comes with a standard rectangular flat cup cold-assembled on to the support's upper part. This cup is used for gripping the load. It also has a ball valve which creates vacuum by opening up. However, it only opens up when activated by the load that needs to be gripped.

The device also offers two quick couplings for vacuum connection. Three way vacuum valves or solenoid valves can be used for detecting vacuum. All cups are equipped with self-locking system may used simultaneously provided they have the gripping plane at the same height.

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