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Vacuum pump filter
max. 185 mm, max. 1 m | FO series VUOTOTECNICA

In presence of a a considerable amount of fine or impalpable dust, the traditional suction filtre would require a cartridge with a filtering degree so high that, along with reducing its operation autonomy, it would also reduce the vacuum pump suction capacity.
Oil-bath suction filters have been studied in order to overcome this problem. The main feature of these filtres is the ability to retain the smallest and most impalpable dust particles,without reducing the vacuum pump suction capacity.
Oil-bath filtres are composed of a sheet steel head and container coupled with an interposed seal and clamped by release clamps.
Inside, besides the oil bowl, there are two steel wool filtering cartridges, one of which is detachable and washable, while the other is fixed. The release clamps guarantee easy access for cleaning operations.
They can be used with any kind of oil, even drain oil, as long as it has a minimum viscosity degree. The ideal oil is the same one used for the pump.
Oil-bath suction filtres are not recommended for dry vacuum pumps.
They are currently available for capacities up to 300 cum/h.
Technical features
Working pressure: from 0.5 to 2000 mbar abs.
Fluid temperature: from -20 to +90 C
Filtering degree: ≤1 μ


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