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electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw / long-stroke
electric gripper
ISG series

Stroke : 250 mm
Grip strength: 6,000 N

... BodyCounter-Rotating Trapezoidal Spindle provides parallel jaw movementSelf-locking spindle safeguards gripping force in case of engine failureElectric motor (servo)

electric gripper / angular / 3-jaw / for collaborative robots
electric gripper

Stroke : 175 mm
Grip strength: 40 N

... manipulating the materials that will help you achieve success, you can trust the mechanically intelligent fingers of our grippers to adapt to the shape of any object, safely and carefully, without letting go.

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electric gripper / angular / 2-jaw / palletizing
electric gripper

... ultrasonic bag presence sensor. It features heavy duty rails and bearings equipped with double seals and grease ports. The gripper fingers are made up of solid stainless steel with radiused ends of 5/8" in diameter. ...

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SAS Automation
electric gripper / magnetic
electric gripper

Indispensable for the transport and handling of sheet metal and metallic plates in general. They guarantee the capture of only one sheet at a time, eliminating the risk of double-feeding.

electric gripper / parallel / unlimited rotation
electric gripper

Type: DDF-E-30 Electric unlimited rotation, 12 electric channels. Max speed :150RPM. ISO、flange interface, available for REH, EGN, EZN parallel grippers.

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RGK Automation Co., Ltd.
electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw
electric gripper
GRP35 series

Stroke : 5 mm - 15 mm
Grip strength: 25 N

The GRP Series gripper offers a peak force up to 45N, and a working stroke up to 30mm. The built-in linear encoder delivers 0.1 micron precision. Features - Precision positioning ideal for measurements - Soft-Land ...

electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw / compact
electric gripper
GRP Series

Grip strength: 5 N - 45 N

GRP17 series compact and low profile gripper proves superior performance in a small package size. the unit offers 5mm stroke length per jaw and various encoder resolution options of 5, 1 or 0.5 micron. The low moving ...

electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw / for handling systems
electric gripper

Stroke : 70 mm
Grip strength: 0.98 kN

This ergonomic and flexible gripping tool carefully grips all kinds of packaged goods an let you move them around with minimal physical effort.

vacuum gripper / electric / for handling systems
vacuum gripper

... varying sizes: Thanks to the AERO-LIFT vacuum grippers, you will be able to easily handle both uneven, textured surfaces and products of various dimensions. The more than 100 possible variations offered by the gripper ...

electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw / for handling systems
electric gripper

The offload-system (with robot and gripper system) is particularly suitable for removing materials from cutter tables. Fields such as fiber composite, automotive, textile / leather and aerospace estimate the possibility ...

electric gripper / parallel / 2-jaw
electric gripper
BFS-R Series

... large formats. Minimal space requirements through material transport round the corner. This intelligent PERFECTA curved gripper system is suitable for automatic rear table loading or for front table loading by a cross ...

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