Frequency inverters

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digital frequency inverter / vertical
digital frequency inverter
E (FR/E)

Power: 200 W - 2,200 W

Technical specifications: easy operation minimum noise compact size EMC filter DC brake foil keyboard analogue output overload protection enclosure (degree of protection) IP20

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Carl Rehfuss GmbH + Co. KG
vector control frequency inverter / horizontal / decentralized
vector control frequency inverter

Power: 90 W - 2,200 W

The VECTOR 54 is a single-phase space-saving all-rounder frequency inverter for particular field applications. Due to its robust aluminium housing, this frequency inverter ...

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MSF-Vathauer Antriebstechnik
in-line frequency converter
in-line frequency converter
FN 5000 series

Power: 100,000 W - 500,000 W

Static frequency converters are used with the devices which cannot adapt to line frequency. Static converters are more economic and more technological solution than the conventional motor ...

panel-mount frequency converter
panel-mount frequency converter
ESM series

Power: 370 W - 22,000 W
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 240 Hz

... version, for output frequencies up to 240 Hz (1000 Hz by request ) Three on-board functions and relatively few parameters make their programming extremely easy. An EPM module, on purpose designed for this series of ...

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FIMET Motori & Riduttori S.p.a.
horizontal frequency converter / for wind generators
horizontal frequency converter
FP2 HE Wind

Power: 3,000 W

The FP2 HE Wind is manufactured by Eltek, and is a 48 V, 3000 W DC power system that is suitable to use in telecom applications such as radio base stations, broadband, and fiber optics. It features an adequate control system, and a patented ...

analog frequency converter / DIN rail
analog frequency converter
5223 series

Current: 0 mA - 20 mA

5223A Programmable f/I-f/f converter Pulse calculator Frequency generator Galvanic isolation Analog current and voltage output PNP / NPN output, optional relays Universal supply

horizontal frequency converter
horizontal frequency converter

Power: 1,000 W - 2,400 W
Output frequency: 50, 60, 400 Hz

... Three-Phase Input; Single-Phase Output Eliminates Phase Imbalance and Associated Harmonics 50, 60 or 400Hz Operation and Frequency Conversion Superior Output Voltage Regulation Pure Sinewave Output ...

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three-phase frequency converter / floor-standing / for electric vibrating needles
three-phase frequency converter

Power: 4,000 W - 34,000 W

vertical frequency inverter / engine / for asynchronous motors
vertical frequency inverter
DS A-R-V series

Power: 250 W - 45,000 W

... performance is offered by the DS frequency inverters. They have been particularly developed for high level reliability & performance areas. They facilitate operational ease and dynamic response. The ...

single-phase frequency converter / horizontal
single-phase frequency converter
Airborne In-seat

Power: 250 W
Output frequency: 60 Hz - 800 Hz

Airborne In-seat Power Supply • Input: 115Vac / 360-800Hz / 1 Phase • Main output: Three 115Vac / 60Hz (<2% THD) Max power 250VA (150VA per outlet) • Secondary Output: Three 5Vdc outputs at 2.5W ea • Size: 6.5”L x 5.25”W ...

digital display frequency converter / vertical / for heating / for blowers
digital display frequency converter
M 100-034

Power: 2,200 W
Current: 6 A
Output frequency: 60, 50 Hz

... set independently, precisely and reproducibly from each other, frequency converters M 100-012 and M 100-034 improve your hot-air processes. They let blowers turn faster than the mains frequency ...

three-phase frequency converter / vertical / heating / for blowers
three-phase frequency converter
M 100-012

Power: 750 W
Current: 4 A
Output frequency: 50, 60 Hz

... set independently, precisely and reproducibly from each other, frequency converters M 100-012 and M 100-034 improve your hot-air processes. They let blowers turn faster than the mains frequency ...

horizontal frequency inverter / for universal applications
horizontal frequency inverter
PumpDrive 1

Power: 45,000 W

Self cooling frequency inverter allows for variation of motor speed on a continuous basis by means of a standard signal along with a field bus. The fact that the pump drive is self cooling, is due to ...

digital frequency inverter
digital frequency inverter
PumpDrive 2 / PumpDrive 2 Eco

Power: 55,000 W

Main applications Advanced treatment / 3.stage Bio. treatment / 2.stage Boiler feed systems Building services Drainage Energy Fire fighting and sprinkler systems Groundwaterlevel (mining/buildings) HVAC Heating / ventilation ...

frequency inverter with speed control / single-phase / AC / vertical
frequency inverter with speed control
VF-0 series

Power: 200 W - 1,500 W
Output frequency: 1 Hz - 250 Hz

Ultra-compact Easy to use Cost-effective Frequency control with PLC pulse output is possible Various types with and without brake included (1-phase) 1-phase 230V AC: 0.2 to 1.5kW

horizontal frequency converter / AC / three-phase / single-phase
horizontal frequency converter

Power: 250 W - 7,500 W
Current: 0 mA - 20 mA
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 1,500 Hz

SKC 750 frequency converter, suitable for iSA 500, iSA 750 + iSA 900 Item-No.: 311707 6000 SKC 1500 frequency converter, suitable for iSA 1500 + iSA 2200 Item-No.: 311715 6000 SKC 4000 frequency ...

vertical frequency converter
vertical frequency converter

Power: 2.5 W
Current: 20 mA
Output frequency: 0 kHz - 10 kHz

Frequency to DC isolator / converter Z111 allows a conversion of a frequency signal and provides a mA/V standard output signal. The input is programmable in a range from 1 mHz to 9,99 KHz. It’s completely ...

DC frequency inverter / brushless / printed circuit board-mounted / for compressors
DC frequency inverter
INB Series

Power: 4,000 W - 15,000 W
Current: 6 A - 22 A

... Proportional speed control is available by low pressure or proportional input with simple selection. Essential function for inverter and compressor safety functions are included as an optimised solution of BLDC air conditioning ...

3-phase frequency converter / for motors / IP20
3-phase frequency converter

Power: 150,000 W
Output frequency: 0 Hz - 150 Hz

... is a 3-phase, 3-level frequency converter intended to power supply and control 3-phase cage motors. Power&electronic system typology applied inside the frequency converter ...

digital frequency converter / wall-mounted / for building / for wastewater
digital frequency converter
CUE series

Power: 550 W - 250,000 W

... designed for the Grundfos E-pumps where the pumps are utilizing motors which have integrated frequency converters is the new series of wall-mounted frequency converters, which benefit ...

induction frequency converter / cabinet / heating / industrial
induction frequency converter

Power: 40,000 W - 2,000,000 W
Current: 300, 1,000 A
Output frequency: 3, 10, 30, 50 kHz

... configured using standardised IGBT inverter modules rated at 300 A & 1000 A. An extensive range of power rating ranging from 40 kW to 2000 kW is available across a range of cabinet sizes. Available with nominal ...

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Thermatool Europe
PWM frequency converter / 3-phase
PWM frequency converter
DLT-FC 300 Series

Current: 100 A - 400 A

The device may also change the voltage, but if it does, that is incidental to its principal purpose 3 Phase Frequency Converters PWM Controlled TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • LCD alphanumeric front panel • ...

static frequency converter / digital display / floor-standing / for motors
static frequency converter

Output frequency: 400 Hz

Description Internal transformer, Electric motor andcompression machine Air conditioner, Air conditioning equipment Copier machine scanner, OA devices, Alternative power supply Personal computer, Display, Computerworkstation Laboratory, ...

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digital frequency inverter / wall-mount / panel-mount / engine
digital frequency inverter

Power: 200 W - 3,700 W
Current: 2 A - 17 A

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Toscano Linea Electronica
three-phase frequency converter / portable / for electric vibrating needles / 380-480 V
three-phase frequency converter
R series

Power: 1,000 W - 4,500 W
Output frequency: 200 Hz

Three-phase converter for high frequency vibrators.

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Fast Verdini Srl
single-phase frequency inverter / vertical
single-phase frequency inverter

Current: 3, 5 A
Output frequency: 45 Hz - 65 Hz

External frequency inverter with logical functions for EWA 10-16. Two variable speeds up to 15 rpm . In the ISO case with transparent cover. Special parameters tailored to each type of EWA 10-16. ...