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liquid filter / basket / in-line / self-cleaning
liquid filter

Seltek offers Dr. Welf, the liquid filter pro. The full line of liquid filter systems use reusable media and automate dirt disposal. Seltek's rebuild kits for MCF filters allow a rebuild to be carried out in two hours with significant ...

capsule filter / liquid / gas / in-line
capsule filter
SupaPore TT

Filtration size: 0.1 µm - 1 µm
Operating pressure: 1 bar - 5.5 bar
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 35 l/min

SupaPore TT microfiItration capsules have been designed specifically for use in a wide range of aggressive gas and liquid processing applications. Its naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane and all fluoropolymer casing makes this capsule ...

liquid filter / basket / in-line / industrial
liquid filter

Filtration size: 50 µm - 1,000 µm
Operating pressure: 10 bar
Flow rate: 10 m³/h - 200 m³/h

Heavy duty industrial inline screen filters for coarse applications. Standard units are supplied with inline connections for easy istallation. Industrial design Range of screen sizes Hinged closure Stainless Steel Construction ...

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Siga Filtration
liquid filter / water / hydraulic / strainer
liquid filter

Filtration size: 1,000 µm - 2,000 µm

Description Automatic in-line screen filters, of electric control, suitable to all the applications, developed as pre filtration of high flows, with the guarantee of AZUD quality. Advantages ENERGY EFFICIENT: The consumption of ...

gas filter / in-line / process
gas filter
116IL-3 - 146IL-3

Operating pressure: 100 bar - 340 bar

Headline Fast Loop Filters are specified where a response time is critical. The filter is sited as closely as possible to the Gas Analyser, and the process gas is pumped through the filter housing at high velocity. The sample for analysis ...

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Headline Filters
fuel filter / strainer / in-line
fuel filter

Designed especially for use in liquid motor fuel lines to trap foreign material which otherwise may damage precision components in the LP-Gas carburetion system. These filters incorporate an integral sintered metal filter element in a ...

air filter / in-line / vacuum
air filter
AZFC series

Flow rate: 10, 20, 30, 50 l/min

The AZFC Series is a series of vacuum filters manufactured by Airbest. Designed with a sleek and lightweight structure, it features a one-touch fast fitting and a convenient assembly. Comprising of a straight through type inlet and outlet, ...

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gas filter / capsule / high-flow / in-line
gas filter

Operating pressure: 1.5 psi - 125 psi

The FDIL Filter's borosilicate micro fiber provides relatively high flow rates with low pressure drops which is critical in any analytical application. The PVDF binder creates a non-reactive surface which allows accurate sample analysis.

membrane filter / in-line / high-temperature / particulate
membrane filter
Wafergard® III NF

Filtration size: 0.03 µm
Operating pressure: 35 bar - 207 bar

Wafergard® III NF Micro In-line Gas Filters Superior particulate filtration for ultrapure gas system filtration Cleanest, most efficient all-metal filters available Patented nickel filter membrane offers superior corrosion resistance ...

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gas filter / disposable / in-line / laboratory
gas filter

Operating pressure: 0 psi - 130 psi
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 70 l/min

MicraSorb is a range of low-cost, disposable in-line adsorption filters for the removal of extraneous vapours and other types of molecular size contamination. MicraSorb are ideal for the removal of vapour contamination in laboratory ...

liquid filter / capsule / disposable / in-line
liquid filter

Our disposable filters offer end-users the ultimate ‘convenience’ solution to filtration, allowing replacement to be performed in seconds, thus minimising downtime of equipment and process. A selection of filter element grade and types ...

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Classic Filters
liquid filter / strainer / in-line / for pumps
liquid filter

Filtration size: 40 µm - 1,905 µm

TOP-FLO® in-line stainless steel filters and strainers are specifically designed for the removal of unwanted particles from process line content providing added protection and longer service life for pumps, valves, heat exchangers and ...

air filter / water / compressed air / basket
air filter

Flow rate: 1,000 l/min - 40,000 l/min

Line Filters from 1000 to 40.000l/min: Filtration range for dry air, free of oil and dust. The MARK filters extend the lifetime of your air distribution network and pneumatic tools. Filter MARK Atmospheric air contains in its origin ...

liquid filter / strainer / in-line
liquid filter

Filtration size: 25, 10 µm
Operating pressure: 5,000 psi
Flow rate: 3 us gal/min

Available in two port sizes and two filter ratings Filters at 5, 000 psi in either direction Compact In-line design for maximum flexibility Protects sensitive valves and devices from contamination Field serviceable ...

liquid filter / hydraulic / in-line / high-pressure
liquid filter
4200 series

Filtration size: 0.2 µm - 200 µm
Operating pressure: 3,000, 6,000 psi
Flow rate: 5 us gal/min

The 4200 series is a compact , lightweight in-line filter that provides reliable and economical protection for critical testing equipment, valves, gauges and instrumentation.

gas filter / cartridge / in-line / in-line
gas filter

Filtration size: 0.5 µm - 15 µm
Operating pressure: 100 bar

... Thermal mass flow controller or meter for gas is highly predisposed to contaminants. It is imperative that the gas that enters the instrument is clean to increase mean time between failure. This is where the The Brokhorst In-Line Filters ...

in-line filter / hydraulic / high-efficiency / modular
in-line filter
50 LE(N)

Operating pressure: 50 bar
Flow rate: 300 l/min

Size 0040 … 0400 Max. operating pressure 50 bar Flow, max. 300 l/min Connection G 3/4, G 3/4, G 3/4, G 1, G 1, G 1 1/2, G 1 1/2, G 1 1/2 Operating temperature -10 … +100 °C Features Filters for inline ...

in-line filter / hydraulic / high-efficiency / modular
in-line filter
110 LE(N)

Operating pressure: 110 bar
Flow rate: 300 l/min

Size 0040 … 0400 Max. operating pressure 110 bar Flow, max. 300 l/min Connection G 3/4, G 1, G 1, G 1, G1 1/4, G1 1/2, G1 1/2, G1 1/2 Operating temperature -10 … +100 °C Features Filters for inline ...

hydraulic filter / cartridge / in-line / high-efficiency
hydraulic filter
50 SL

Size 30 to 80D Connection up to G1; SAE 10 Features Filters for inline installation Optimized for mobile hydraulics, space-saving,service-friendly Installation in suction, pressure and return lines possible ...

liquid filter / strainer / in-line / transparent
liquid filter

Filtration size: 0.5 mm - 1 mm
Operating pressure: 6 bar - 16 bar

Transparent body PP plastic insert, mesh size 1.8 mm (standard configuration) Stainless steel screen AISI 304, mesh size 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm or 1 mm Also suitable as sight glass

liquid filter / strainer / in-line / PP
liquid filter

Filtration size: 0.5 mm - 1 mm
Operating pressure: 6 bar - 10 bar

PP plastic insert, mesh size 1.8 mm (standard configuration) Stainless steel screen AISI 304, mesh size 0.5 mm, 0.75 mm or 1 mm

in-line filter / hydraulic / with cartridge
in-line filter

Filtration size: 10 µm - 25 µm
Operating pressure: 15 bar - 350 bar

In-Line-Filters 10+25 Micron, G1/4 G3/8 G1/2 - Independent of the flow direction useable - Very good filtering - Pipe mounting - Filter-insert exchangeable - Low weight because of aluminium housing In order ...

liquid filter / corrosion-proof / compact / in-line
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 0 bar - 200 bar

Compact filters for diverse applications Filters are used in fluidic systems to protect sensitive components from damage due to contamination and particles. For the safe operation of micro annular gear pumps and their precision-machined ...

hydraulic filter / oil / cartridge / in-line
hydraulic filter

Operating pressure: 1 bar
Flow rate: 45 l/min

The new génération of suction filter was designed to optimize suitability to the requirements of our customers in any field from OEM or distribution business networks. Therefore, we developed a filter element that can also be used in ...

milk filter / in-line / stainless steel
milk filter

It is the equipment to initial device to receive milk to facility at first Inside and outside of it is made of stainless steel. Filter’s micron value of device can be chosen. It is easy to remove and clean it. What Tiirkoz company recommends ...

hydraulic filter / oil / wire mesh / compact
hydraulic filter
FL series

Filtration size: 10 µm - 40 µm
Operating pressure: 350 bar
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 17 l/min

Description Product Lines : Workholding Tools •Keep your hydraulic system clean •10 micron filter recommended for more sensitive hydraulic components •Compact in line high pressure filters prevent chips and debris that have entered ...

high-pressure filter / liquid / strainer / in-line
high-pressure filter
98 Series

Filtration size: 10 µm
Operating pressure: 10,000 psi

98 Series high pressure filters offer operating pressure ratings up to 10,000psig / 690 bar with Mini In-line and TEE-Type designs. Ideal for use in filtration prior to pressure control components to protect from particulate contamination.

low-pressure filter / hydraulic / basket / in-line
low-pressure filter
RF series

Operating pressure: 145 psi
Flow rate: 50 us gal/min

Return-line filters series RF are externally mounted and are designated for connection in return pipes. he Series RF filters can handle a maximum flow rate of 50 gallons per minute. They feature visual/electrical DP indicators. The ...

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Eaton Hydraulics