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shell-end milling cutter / indexing
shell-end milling cutter
FCM series

Fullcut Mill Type FCM have a positive high rake cutting edge for both radial and axial directions achieves smooth and quiet end milling. Fullcut Mills have a sharp cutting edge by both ...

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BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.
shell-end milling cutter / insert / face / 2-flute
shell-end milling cutter

... is capable of milling surfaces with perfect finish and is usually applied with wiper inserts. It has a light cutting feature that allows it to save more energy which is ideal in ISO-P, -M and -K materials ...

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Sandvik Coromant USA
tangential milling cutter
tangential milling cutter
TGPLUS 90090|90190|90390

Tangential milling line with 3 different models according to the (Ap) required as: Ap14 - Plus 90390 - insert LNXT 15 Ap11 - Plus 90190 - insert LNXT 13 Ap07 - Plus 90090 - insert LNXT09 all the range with PHS new ...

solid milling cutter / for countersinking / conical
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 20.5 mm - 50 mm

Taper and Deburring Countersink 90° Three Cutting Edges /ZSE

micro milling cutter / solid carbide / thread / angle
micro milling cutter
NT-ISO M series

Diameter : 0.7 mm - 1.5 mm
Length: 39 mm

WhizThrill Micro Thread Mill AdvantagesB9 grade for extra edge sharpness. Excellent for demanding materials such as Titanium and 316/316L.15° angle from minor diameter to shank.Available in many different lengths for each size.Full profile ...

solid milling cutter / router / diamond / for stone
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 16 mm - 25 mm

FINGER BITS FOR GRANITE AND MARBLE: For straight and curvilinear cuts on stone slabs of various thicknesses

solid milling cutter / thread / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter

... the use of a thread milling cutter. Spiralock all-carbide thread milling cutters can be made to suit specific customer applications by adjusting the cutter ...

solid milling cutter / roughing / for ferrous materials / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter

Diameter : 0.25 in - 1 in
Length: 0.75 in - 2.63 in

HiTex-C 6 Flute Rougher Increased Core for Strength and Stability in Cut Fine Pitch Serrations for Chip and Form Control High Temp Alloy Specific Geometry High Temp Alloy Specific Coatings

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Data Flute CNC
hemispherical milling cutter / solid / burr
hemispherical milling cutter

solid milling cutter / drilling / HSS / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter
SG-FAX series

Diameter : 1 mm - 20 mm
Length: 6 mm - 140 mm

Main Features CENTER DRILL - Precise positioning DRILL - Long tool life and high efficiency SEMI FINISH REAMER - Stable drilling and stable diameter

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solid milling cutter / cutting edge / with cylindrical shank
solid milling cutter
GSX Mill series

Diameter : 1 mm - 25 mm
Rotational speed: 1,400 rpm - 9,500 rpm
Length: 40 mm - 100 mm

... conventional, diameter adjustment is not required when replacing the tool. High rigidity, long cutting edge length Improved surface accuracy with high rigidity, long cutting edge length (4D) type.

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Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH
shell-end milling cutter / insert / shoulder / 90° helix angle
shell-end milling cutter
WFX series

Diameter : 2 in - 5 in
Length: 1.75 in - 2.5 in

Optimal for shoulder milling, the WFX Series includes a redesigned cutter containing a 90-degree lead angle. The convex cutting edge of the inserts provides extreme rigidity. An integrated ...

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Sumitomo Electric Carbide
deburring milling cutter / with cylindrical shank / conical
deburring milling cutter

... tool Time savings thanks to higher cutting speeds No settling with bolted and riveted joints Countersinks are standard products. They are produced in large quantities and are used in practically every machining ...

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ball nose milling cutter / insert / indexing / finishing
ball nose milling cutter

Diameter : 12 mm - 20 mm
Length: 37.5 mm - 300 mm

Indexable endmill for high-precision finishing Excellent surface fi nish and stable machining due to secure clamping and minimum run-out New indexable endmill for die & mold and aerospace industries.

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Tungaloy Germany
insert milling tool / face / multi-material / 2-flute
insert milling tool
PK series

Diameter : 19 mm - 32 mm
Length: 90 mm - 120 mm

Boring and Chamfering Tools, Counterbores mono, Counterbore multi. 2-edge Chamfer Tool 2x45° and Chamfer and Face Milling Tool

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Granlund Tools
shell-end milling cutter / insert / shoulder
shell-end milling cutter
TUNG-TRI series

Economical 3 cornered insert Large rake angle on cutting edges drastically reduces cutting force Excellent chip formation Large size clamping screw with SS-FiT technology offers high clamping rigidity Optimized ...

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Tungaloy America
ball nose milling cutter / solid / 4-flute
ball nose milling cutter

Diameter : 1 mm - 10 mm
Length: 50 mm - 150 mm

MHR430 is a 4-flute end mill for deep ribs, with a long neck. It was manufactured by NS. This instrument has a mugen coating for deep ribs, and is suitable for cutting narrow and deep ribs with its long neck. The unit is available ...

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solid milling cutter / shoulder / semi-finishing / high-performance
solid milling cutter
VariMill II™ 5718 series

Diameter : 6 mm - 25 mm
Length: 76 mm - 170 mm

Features and Benefits Unequal flute spacing. Non-centre cutting. For finishing and semi-finishing applications. Standard items listed. Additional styles and coatings made to order.

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Widia Manchester
ball nose milling cutter / insert / roughing / for molds
ball nose milling cutter

... suitable for die mould machining the WBMR replaceable insert ball nose endmill efficiently roughs complex profiles. Its high feed rate capabilitry is a direct result of a sharp cutting edge which is maintained ...

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Sumitomo Hardmetal Division
shell-end milling cutter / insert / face / 2-flute
shell-end milling cutter

Contributes to free cutting action with extremely high toughness levels.

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solid milling cutter / insert / profiling / PCD
solid milling cutter
MFX1 FPS 3001

Diameter : 12.7 mm
Rotational speed: 24,000 rpm
Length: 88, 85 mm

HIGH PRECISION SHANK CUTTER MULTITASKING WITH INTERCHANGEABLE PROFILED PCD INSERT WITH COPY BEARING Insert PCD shank cutter multitasking with interchangeable profiled knife and copy bearing. Suitable ...

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solid milling cutter / roughing / angle / coated
solid milling cutter
148617 series

Diameter : 4 mm - 25 mm

... dimension stability and longer tool life. It is applicable for machining of materials with very high strength and materials hard to machine, such as Titanium and its alloys. The milling cutters ...

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corner radius milling cutter / solid / coated / high-performance
corner radius milling cutter
XE515A series

Diameter : 0.25 mm - 1 mm
Length: 0.5 mm - 4 mm

5 FLUTES, REGULAR CUT LENGTH - Maintains Cutting Edge Strength & Sharpness for Improved Tool Life - Strong Cutting Edges Allowing for Increased depths of cut at Elevated Cutting ...

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shell-end milling cutter / insert / face / HSS
shell-end milling cutter

Diameter : 32 mm - 50 mm

... sharp-grinding profile milling cutter. The spiral ground indexable insert guarantees a soft and peeling cut, so the cutting forces required are much lower, relieving the strain on your ...

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ball nose milling cutter / solid carbide / roughing / cutting
ball nose milling cutter

Diameter : 1.5 mm - 6 mm

... End Mills. Sharp cutting edge produces an excellent surface finish. Center Cutting. CNC qualified. Slow 20° Helix reduces workpiece lifting and creates a fine finish. Standard cutter diameters from ...

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2L inc