Precision bending machines

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electric bending machine / for tubes / CNC / precision
electric bending machine
COMCO KBB 50 Nx series

Bending capacity: 51 mm
Bending radius: 200 mm

electric bending machine / for tubes / CNC / precision
electric bending machine
SB-66X5A-3S-PT (+2C)

... pressure. This line of Booster Pipe Bender equipped with 5 ~ 12 electric axis. Booster tube benders capable of bending radiuses of 1xOD and controlling wall thinning during the bending ...

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SOCO Machinery
motorized bending machine / for tubes / fully-automatic / precision
motorized bending machine
RBA series

The round bending machine (RBA) is our high-end product in the field of tube manufacturing. Accuracy and speed, these features the RBA combines and therefore fits in any modern tube manufacturing. Whether ...

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Peter Prinzing GmbH
CNC bending machine / electric / for tubes / fully-automatic
CNC bending machine
DB series

High-precision, powerful and quick with a simple-to-use and freely programmable CNC touch panel controller. Our transfluid® CNC bending machines offer no-limit bending ...

electro-hydraulic bending machine / concrete reinforcement / precision
electro-hydraulic bending machine
Multibend 12

A fast and flexible stirrup bending machine, suitable for the production of small and medium stirrups. It features low electrical consumption and high precision, using electrical servomotors ...

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electric bending machine / for tubes / automatic / precision
electric bending machine

Automatic pipe bending machine for the continuous belling and bending of PVC, PP, HDPE, and ABS pipes. Advantages and key features Absolute precision and repeatability ...