quarter-turn valve actuator / pneumatic / cylinder / double-acting
quarter-turn valve actuator

Torque: 40 Nm - 6,000 Nm

... single/double acting pneumatic low-pressure actuators, are suitable for the operation of quarter turn valves (ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves) ...

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electromechanical valve actuator / part-turn / compact / aluminum
electromechanical valve actuator

Torque: 5 Nm - 60 Nm

Elec­tro-mecha­ni­cal part-turn actua­tor The com­pact actua­tor, clas­sic tech­no­lo­gy, robust, relia­ble for cost-sen­si­ti­ve app­li­ca­ti­ons up to 60 Nm The actua­tor dri­ve ...

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ARIS Stellantriebe GmbH
pneumatic valve actuator / rotary / double-acting / spring-return
pneumatic valve actuator
UT series

Torque: 31 Nm - 3,564 Nm

Pneumatic actuators are based on rack and pinion technology, very compact and resistant.Available with different options for any kind of industrial applications and ambient conditions.With all types of ...

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worm gear valve actuator / manual / quarter-turn / butterfly
worm gear valve actuator
MY series

Torque: 500 Nm - 15,000 Nm

... lock INFORMATION ON WORM GEARBOXES MY range of cast steel quarter turn worm gearboxes are ideally suited in valves, chemical, power, waterworks and general industrial applications. General MY Worm Gearboxes ...

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Wenzhou Yuezhong Mechanical Tech. Co.,Ltd
electric valve actuator / quarter-turn / spur gear / spring-return
electric valve actuator

Torque: 29 ft.lb - 1,447 ft.lb

Heavy Duty Electric Actuator Quarter turn electric actuator with NEMA4 housing (water tight and corrosion resistant). Electric motor available in 120VAC, 220VAC and 24VDC with a manual override handle. ...

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electric valve actuator / quarter-turn
electric valve actuator

... , LAMTEC also offers motors for driving the flaps and valves on your combustion plants. The motors, designed for interconnection with electronic systems, have been tested in industrial applications and ...

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pneumatic valve actuator / manual / hydraulic / rotary
pneumatic valve actuator

Torque: 3,260 Nm - 250,000 Nm

Spring return actuator/ single acting actuator Parts and Function Drive module 1.Steel fabricated frame provides rugged foundation of modular assemblies. 2.Scotch yoke mechanism generates ...

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electric valve actuator / rotary / butterfly
electric valve actuator
NE series

Torque: 800 Nm

NE804100 Quick Overview Electrical Actuator, 800Nm, 230V AC NE80, operating time 29s,27mm square

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END-Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG
pneumatic valve actuator / linear / double-acting
pneumatic valve actuator

The Herose® Pneumatic Actuators Type 27511 for Control Valves features its newly-developed actuator which utilizes air for it to be opened while spring for it to be closed. This equipment ...

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pneumatic valve actuator / rotary / piston / double-acting
pneumatic valve actuator
RAT series

Torque: 1 Nm - 13,673 Nm

... available for high or low temperature We can offer Multi travel rotations (e.g. 120° 135* 180°) and three position actuators. Solenoid valves can be easily mounted without connecting plank.

electric valve actuator / rotary
electric valve actuator
EAU series

... 4/4x and is powered by a UL/CSA listed motor. The actuator is well suited to work with Hayward ball valves only.

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Hayward Industries, Inc.
electric valve actuator / quarter-turn / compact
electric valve actuator
MXT-NA907063130000 series

Torque: 60 Nm - 2,500 Nm

Electric quarter-turn valve actuator Specifications: Compact type - 90° ±5° angle operating quarter-turn Epoxy coated aluminium enclosure Resistance heater 20W Room temperature range: -20°C/+70°C Torque ...

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MerxTrade BV
electric valve actuator / rotary / with indicator
electric valve actuator
ER series

Torque: 10 Nm - 100 Nm

Housing and cover Polyamide PA6.6 UL94VO (flammability class) IP65 or IP66. Modular position indicator Multivolt electronic circuit board with RS485 connection, failure report relay and electronic torque limiter Irreversible ...

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electric valve actuator / rotary
electric valve actuator
J2-L10, J2-H10

Torque: 10 Nm

There is automated actuator detection of voltage extent of the J2-H10 110-240V AC (1ph)/J2-L10 24V AC (1ph) versions, with an operating time of 17 seconds on 0-90° no load conditions for both models. It has a peak break ...

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pneumatic valve actuator / rotary / double-acting / spring-return
pneumatic valve actuator
700 series

Hoke's Air Actuated 0700 Series are space-saver pneumatic actuators, which are made for applications that involve research and development, oil drilling, gas drilling, environmental control, ...

electric valve actuator / linear / thermal
electric valve actuator

Actuator force: 90 N

Thermal actuator AFRISO-230V/2W, normally closed contact (NC). Electrical control of hot water valves. Actuators convert the electrical signal of room or clock thermostats in one valve ...

electro-hydraulic valve actuator / rotary / single-acting / ATEX
electro-hydraulic valve actuator
EEx series

Local Power Unit - Ex double and single acting is designed for controlling Damcos actuators. The Local Power Unit is approved according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC and is built to meet the requirements for mounting ...

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pneumatic valve actuator / rotary / rack-and-pinion / double-acting
pneumatic valve actuator
S series

Torque: 2,000 Nm

The "S" Series is a line of forged stainless steel actuators engineered by Air Torque. These actuators are constructed with high quality housing materials in A182 F316/EN 10088/3 1.4401, capable of resisting ...

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Air Torque
pneumatic valve actuator / multi-turn / membrane / single-acting
pneumatic valve actuator
30a series

Torque: 15 Nm - 5,619 Nm

Single-acting pneumatic diaphragm multi-turn actuator for butterfl y valves and other rotary valves: Max. angle of rotation 90 ±3° Signal pressures up to 6 bar Temperatures from -35°C to 90°C

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Pfeiffer Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH
electric valve actuator / rotary
electric valve actuator

Top Line TE Series electric actuators provide unsurpassed quality, reliability and value to your automated system. Some of the key standard features and benefits of the TE Series actuators are: •Multiple ...

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Top Line Process Equipment Company
pneumatic valve actuator / quarter-turn / double-acting
pneumatic valve actuator

EA Actuators Application: Industry Product: Pneumatic Actuator Sizes: 1/2” - 4”

manual valve actuator / rotary / double-acting / adjustable
manual valve actuator
GB series

Torque: 150 Nm - 32,000 Nm

Valve connection Mounting face for valves according to EN ISO 5211 Torque 135 - 32000 Nm Temperature range -20ºC ÷ +120ºC Stroke 0-90º (±5º adjustable) Lubrication Factory lubricated for the life ...

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pneumatic valve actuator / linear / piston / double-acting
pneumatic valve actuator
FB50, GB55 series

Conoflows Pneumatic Piston Actuators are compact units designed to function in todays high performance instrument systems. Piston diameters of 3 to 12.5 are available with standard strokes ...

electric valve actuator / rotary
electric valve actuator
Turn-Act series

Torque: 10 Nm - 113 Nm

The unit has 16 models the generates torque that ranges from 87 in. lbs to 1000 in. lbs and 45 - 270 degrees of rotation. It provides zero back lash and continuous motion, gives a precise repeatability, and a constant full torque. It ...

electro-hydraulic valve actuator / linear / servo-motor / double-acting
electro-hydraulic valve actuator

... Control Servoactuator This Electrohydraulic Servoactuator provides precision motion control for high-pressure steam input valves used on main propulsion turbines and turbo-alternators for nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.