Water-cooled coolers

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water cooling system / industrial / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
water cooling system
skl, sklc, skw

AIR- AND WATER COOLED COLD WATER UNITS gwk chillers in the sklc series are air-cooled compact cold water units with integrated condenser gwk ...

water cooling system / industrial / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry
water cooling system

CLEAN PROCESS WATER WITH GWK KU-PLANTS Water is one of the key elements in our daily life. It is a supplier of the most various requirements, also in the area of technical and mechanical production. Water ...

liquid chiller / industrial / compact / water-cooled
liquid chiller

Power: 2.5 kW - 10 kW
Maximum temperature: -20 °C - 130 °C
Flow rate: 33 l/min

... capacities from 2.5 to 10 kW (air- or water-cooled). Working temperature ranges from +5 to +35 °C which can optionally be extended from -20 to +130 °C. Also available is a selection of powerful pumps.

industrial chiller / water-cooled / air-cooled / ammonia
industrial chiller

Cantek’s air and water-cooled chiller units can run in systems using natural liquids such as Freon and ammonia. Having a wide range of products in cooling equipment, Cantek produce ...

water-cooled cooler / charge air / inlet air / engine and transmission
water-cooled cooler

Custom designed in round shell and tube, or square engine and remote mounted fin designs, our high performance water cooled charge air coolers utilize extended surface cooling fins in ...

industrial cooler / water-cooled
industrial cooler

A Box Cooler is a vessel water cooling system. It comprises a U-tube bundle that is fitted in the sea chest on the side of a vessel, saving space in the engine room. The sea chest is equipped with inlet ...

chiller for the plastics industry / air-cooled / water-cooled
chiller for the plastics industry
TH-WCI, TH-ACi series

Flow rate: 90 l/min - 900 l/min

The Industrial chiller is specially designed on purpose to be used in the plastic manufacturing industry . this equipment can greatly raise the working efficiency of manufacturing machines and obviously improve the ...

air cooler / water / industrial / for the chemical industry
air cooler
LQ series

Rotary Cooler Rotary cooler is a cooling device which is based on conventional rotary cylinder and has a regular internal installation of cooling heat exchange tube. In the cooler, ...

water-cooled chiller / liquid / industrial / for the chemical industry
water-cooled chiller
Extraction Crystallization Temperature Control SLJ -45℃~-10℃

Power: 12 kW - 360 kW
Maximum temperature: -45 °C - -10 °C
Flow rate: 6.6 m³/h - 50 m³/h

... and noise of -10°C to 200°C industrial chiller. Tips for Removing Fouling of Water Cooled Industrial Chiller During the process of production in factory, many chillers ...

liquid chiller / low-temperature / water-cooled
liquid chiller
Cooling For The Liquid LD -80℃~-30℃

Power: 6 kW - 180 kW
Maximum temperature: -80 °C - -30 °C
Flow rate: 6.6 m³/h - 50 m³/h

... Handbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small volume, High efficiency 3. Top imported cold controller; Generator cooling water circuit uses intermediate heat exchanger, improve system reliability and safety. 4. DANFOSS ...

water cooling system / oil / glycol water / fuel
water cooling system

MOTA designs and manufactures complete cooling systems for OEM applications such as marine engines, industrial engines, gearboxes or industrial hydraulic systems. Various fluids can be cooled, including ...

air cooler / water / plastic profile / industrial
air cooler

Flow rate: 15,000 m³/h

Cooler for large environments Roof cooler Low cost and easy installation Low power consumption Environmentally friendly Useful for a wide range of applications Composit plastic material high ...

air cooler / water / plastic profile / industrial
air cooler

Power: 250 W
Flow rate: 6,000 m³/h
Pressure: 57 Pa

It is an adiabatic cooling system that can reduce the air temperature in small spaces. It fits for different applications and fields. It is an environmentally friendly solution and has low consumption costs. MAIN ...

water chiller / compact / water-cooled / high-performance
water chiller

Power: 25 kW - 450 kW
Maximum temperature: -5 °C - 30 °C
Flow rate: 5 m³/h - 250 m³/h

... performance cooling units with incorported water-cooled chiller and booster pump. Microgel for packaging is a high-performance ultra-compact mold cooling unit. In one machine, it combines ...

water chiller / industrial / compact / water-cooled
water chiller

Power: 25 kW - 600 kW
Maximum temperature: -5 °C - 30 °C
Flow rate: 1 m³/h - 150 m³/h

Microgel for industrial processes High precision compact water-cooled process chillers. Microgel for industrial processes is a compact water-cooled chiller ...

water chiller / compact / water-cooled / screw compressor
water chiller

Power: 100 kW - 600 kW
Maximum temperature: 60 °C

Modular Chiller Water cooled Modular water-cooled chillers from 100 to 600 kW (28.4 to 170.7 tons) with single Multi-Scroll or screw ...

air cooling system / for electrical components / water-cooled
air cooling system

... components minimizes the risk of water contacting installed IT equipment in the unlikely event of a leak. Allows chilled water to be connected from the top, if routing from overhead, or bottom, if on ...

water chiller / industrial / water-cooled
water chiller
GW-EXJ series

Power: 1,055 W - 3,516 W
Maximum temperature: 7 °C - 90 °C
Pressure: 780,000 Pa

... introduced. Amounts of waste steam and waste hot water recovered – The amount of gas consumed is cut by giving priority to the use of waste hot water and waste steam. Furthermore, at load below ...

water chiller / industrial / for screw compressors / water-cooled
water chiller
Aquarius Plus 2 ME

Power: 345 kW - 1,379 kW

The Aquarius Plus 2 water cooled screw chillers are the best solution for commercial and industrial applications when requirements are reliability and performances. They are designed ...

industrial chiller / water-cooled / screw
industrial chiller

OPERATE WITH GREATER CONFIDENCE A building rarely runs at full load; why not get the chiller that delivers exactly the load you need at any given moment? Daikin’s Navigator maps its performance to your building’s demand. ...

air cooler / industrial / water-cooled
air cooler

rotary cooler / for fruits and vegetables / for pasta / for rice
rotary cooler

Maximum temperature: 10 °C

It can be used to stop the cooking process and to cool a lot of products such as pasta, rice and vegetables. The cooler is provided with a Cleaning Assist and Recirculation System (CAR System) that can operate while the ...

water chiller / for the chemical industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / low-temperature
water chiller

Maximum temperature: -30 °C - 5 °C

... applications: chemical, pharmaceutics, contact lens. RACA/C-BT are either air or water cooled. Low temperature range of the fluid between +5 and -30°C (41 to -22°F) All BT chillers ...

compressed air cooler / air-cooled / water-cooled
compressed air cooler
HAO-RA / HWO-A series

Flow rate: 60 m³/h - 12,600 m³/h
Pressure: 0 bar - 16 bar

Air cooled HAO-RA series Air cooled coolers • Maximum volume flow 60 m³/h – 4,500 m³/h • Maximum operating pressure up to 16 bar • Connection G 1 – DN 150 Water ...

outdoor chiller / water-cooled
outdoor chiller
HE, HR series

Circulating Fluid Temperature Controller HRR •Air or water-cooled chiller mounted in a 19-inch rack •Cooling and heating capacity range: 1 kW to 2.5 kW and 450 W to 550 W respectively •Temperature ...

water chiller / for the plastics industry / water-cooled
water chiller

Power: 5 kW - 360 kW
Maximum temperature: 7 °C - 35 °C
Flow rate: 7 m³/h - 90 m³/h

Water-cooled Chiller Benefits & Features •The device can cool the water temperature ranging from 7 to 35oC. •The low cooling temperature can be customized as ...

cutting fluid cooling system / water / glycol water / industrial
cutting fluid cooling system
CS series

Power: 220, 750 W
Maximum temperature: -20 °C - 90 °C
Flow rate: 10, 25 l/min

... to the many industrial needs, SIMACO - leader in the fluid moving technology - designed a dedicated range of close loop air-water cooling units, where the SIMACO pump, actual beating heart, is naturally assembled. This ...

water chiller / industrial / for the chemical industry / for the petrochemical industry
water chiller
Zero Power

Maximum temperature: 16 °C - 38 °C

... daytime temperature of the water, ensuring the delivery of safe and tepid water. Maintenance Free No moving parts means expensive service options are a thing of the past. Featuring an innovative sealed ...

industrial chiller / water-cooled
industrial chiller

Large capacity water cooled industrial chillers for industrial application designed and manufactured using high quality compressors, durable components and tubes for efficient heat transfer.

water chiller / water-cooled / air-cooled / stainless steel
water chiller
GP series

... stainless steel, horizontally mounted pump assures reliability Air-cooled units feature aluminum fin tube condensers with easy on/off, washable air filters Water-cooled units equipped ...