pressure blast cabinet / automatic / trough conveyor



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    trough conveyor


The cabinet consist of chain conveyor belt and a crossing scavenging system trough the sandblasting guns. This way, it covers the conveyor surface and consequently the sandblasting of the pieces on that conveyor.
A blowed system clean the pieces at the end of the sandblasting zone.
It is made in steel 30/10, epoxy painted.
Chain conveyor belt 950mm width.
Piece introduction through a rubber curtain area.
Central area with and arm that supports the sandblasting guns and imprints a to and fro movement.
It has two doors at both sides.
Working speed: 1Sqm/min.
You can have access to this area from both side doors. There are peepholes to observe the working process and airtight illumination inside.
The pieces output is done through a rubber curtain area. There is a blowing away sistem to avoid bringing any abrasive outside.
Sandblasting gun with boron carbide nozzle Ø8mm.
It needs and exhauster item 02887.

Outer dimensions: 1440 x 3090 x 1800 mm.
Working area dimensions: 690 x 500 x 500 mm.
Weight: 800 Kg.
Electric consumption: 2500 W.
Voltage: 230/400 triphasic Compressed airflow: 3000 l/min. a 6 Atm.