pressure blast cabinet / manual / with carousel



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    with carousel


It is recommended to sandblast medium size pieces as motor parts, gear cases and mechanical pieces in general.
It is made in steel 20/10, epoxy painted. It has a side door on the left.
Airtight safety glass to observe the working process.
Front door with openings and sleeves to introduce your hands.
Airtight illumination inside.
Air circuit with pressure regulator filter and electric valve to open and close. The sandblasting gun work is controlled through an electrical pedal.
It needs external aspiration ( Dust exhauster KRT item. 12499)
Sandblasting gun with boron carbide nozzle Ø8mm.
Door with a rotatory basket to sandblast small pieces automatically.
Carriage slide with a rotatory table.
External guides to take out the carriage.
Cyclon abrasive's recoverer.

Outer dimensions: 1000 x 700 x 1600 mm.
Working area dimensions: 950 x 650 x 720 mm.
Weight: 140 Kg.
Electric consumption: 150 W.
Voltage: 220/230 50Hz
Compressed airflow: 1000 l/min. a 6 Atm.