suction blast cabinet / automatic



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For big land small surfaces or continuous work.
Useful sandblasting height: 1200 mm, upper-side open allows higher sandblasting.
3000 mm high automatic fences (1000 mm for each side) or 5000 mm (2000 mm for each side).
Soundproof and automatic cleaning’s filter. It's regulated by sequences, with compressed air strikes.
Measurements: 3200 (5200) x 800 x 2500 mm.
Work Speed: 1 m2 / 2 min.
Weight: 800 Kg.
Glass Thickness: from 3 to 100 mm.
Inner useful surface: 950 x 650 x 1200 mm.
Minimum piece: 250 x 250 mm.
Suction dust power: 0,55 Kw.
Maximum weight pulling: 250 Kg.
Necessary air flow: 1000/2000 lts/min. (regulable)

Gradual degradation.
Possibility to work with one or two blastguns.
Program and memorize the measures of the pieces.
Create till 60 sandblasting scopes on the piece in several zones and memorize till 90 different process.
Manual blastgun for specific jobs