automatic labeler / for self-adhesive labels / side / for bottles



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Other characteristics:

    side, for bottles, linear array, with capsuling system, motorized

  • Applications:

    for the wine industry

  • Throughput:

    1,500 p/h


Automatic precision labelling machine to label wine bottles

The CDA Regionale is a linear automatic labelling machine designed specifically for the wine sector. A timing system ensures accurate, fast and efficient labelling, allowing up to 1500 bottles/hour to be labelled.
This automatic linear adhesive labelling machine applies up to four labels (label, counter-label, necklace and medal) to wine bottles and allows the crimping of metal and/or PVC capsules. The Régionale impresses by its ease of use and its quick adaptation without additional equipment to the different formats of wine bottles: half-bottle, 75 cl bottle, magnum, etc.
This automatic adhesive labelling machine integrates perfectly into a future or existing bottling line.
For larger production, we offer you the CDA Léa, a linear automatic labeller (speed up to 2000 bottles/hour) or the linear automatic labeller Lystop S (speed up to 2500 bottles/hour).
Crimping of metal or PVC capsules (8-roller crimper or thermal head)
Accurate and efficient labelling (3-point technique)
Intuitive operation and easy to adjust

Labelling rate
Up to 1500 bottles/hour
Machine control
Via user-friendly touchscreen
Up to 4 labels
Stainless steel and Aluminium

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