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Monoblock for distribution & crimping of capsules or caps
The Cap System from CDA is a monobloc for dispensing and crimping capsules or foils suitable for all bottle formats.
Our high speed automatic crimping machine can reach up to 2500 bottles/hour depending on the options and format of the products. Equipped with a conveyor, a capsule dispenser, one or two crimpers as required and an intuitive touch screen for easy machine management and configuration, the CDA Cap System can be easily integrated into any production line and CDA automatic labelling machines.
If you are looking for an all-in-one automatic labeller for still wine, sparkling wine, cider, champagne and any bottle requiring the setting of a capsule or cap, CDA offers you the R1000 / R1500 Range (still wine, 1500 bottles/hour and up to 4 labels), the R1000 / R1500 Mixed Range (Still and sparkling wine, 1000 bottles/hour, up to 4 labels), the Regionale Range (Still wine, 1500 bottles/hour and up to 4 labels), the Lystop S (Still wine, 2500 bottles/hour and up to 4 labels)

- Dispensing and crimping of capsules - foils
- Can easily be incorporated into a production line
- Easy to use and control

Production rate: Up to 2500 bottles/hour
Machine control: Via user-friendly touchscreen
Structure: Stainless steel and Aluminium

Industrial sectors concerned
- Wine - Spirits

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