automatic labeler / for self-adhesive labels / for bottles / side
R1000 Foils



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Product application:

    for bottles, side

  • Applications:

    for the wine industry

  • Other characteristics:

    linear array, horizontal, motorized, 2-label, with capsuling system, with top sheet applicator

  • Throughput:

    800 p/h


Automatic linear labelling machine for the precise adhesive labelling of Champagne bottles and sparkling wine
The CDA R1000 Foils is an automatic linear labelling machine specially designed for Champagne bottles and sparkling wines. This automatic linear adhesive labelling machine can apply up to four labels (label, back label, medal, neck label) on Champagne bottles, sparkling wines and also allows the crimping of foils.
The R1000 caps can label and crimp up to 800 bottles/hour. This automatic linear labelling machine impresses with its labelling accuracy, ease of use and fast adaptation.
The R1000 Foils is perfectly suited to all types of bottles (Champagne, CAVA, sparkling wine etc.) and all volumes (37.5 cl – 75 cl – Magnum – etc.).
This labelling machine can be easily integrated into a future or existing bottling line.

- Single-head foil cap crimping machine on pneumatic cylinder
- Accurate and efficient labelling (3-point technique)
- Intuitive operation and easy to adjust

Labelling rate: Up to 800 bottles/hour
Machine control: Via user-friendly touchscreen
Labelling: Up to 4 labels
Structure: Stainless steel and Aluminium

Industrial sectors concerned
- Wine - Spirits

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