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The RabbitCore RCM3600 is a perfect introduction into embedded control and monitoring. Its small size and ease of integration when paired with Dynamic C® allow engineers to develop a control and monitoring solution for many of today’s applications. The RCM3600 mounts directly onto a user-designed motherboard with a single 2x20 dual row IDC header, interfacing with all types of CMOS-compatible digital devices. Built-in low EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, practically eliminate EMI problems, which helps with passing CE and RF emissions tests.

Rabbit hardware and Dynamic C are designed in a complementary fashion for maximum performance and ease of use in embedded systems. The additional software components in Dynamic C allow you to add functionality for customized embedded applications.

The RCM3600 RabbitCore is the lowest priced Rabbit® 3000 microprocessor based core module designed for a wide variety of applications. The RCM3600 features 512K Flash / 512K SRAM or 256K Flash / 128K SRAM, 4 serial ports, and an extremely small footprint (2.11" × 1.23" / 54 × 31 mm). The RCM3610 is the least expensive of the Rabbit 3000 microprocessor based core modules with a development kit price of $239. Extensive demo programs and software application templates make it easy to get the RCM3600 up and running in record time.

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