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Rabbit® MiniCore® RCM6700 Series



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    embedded, programmable


The ultra-compact MiniCore RCM6700 is ideal for today’s smart energy initiatives as well as other applications that require a cost effective web-enabled device server. It provides up to 6 serial ports, configurable I/O and control features such as PWM. The RCM 6700 series also offers a much greater feature set than comparable device servers—and at a lower cost.

The RCM6700 series is fully programmable, taking advantage of processor peripherals. The programming environment, Dynamic C, is an ANSI C compatible development environment that provides a royalty free TCP/IP stack and Wi-Fi support. Various protocol support such as ZigBee and Modbus are also available to help reduce development costs and time-to-market. The Digi Remote Manager platform simplifies device deployment by allowing devices to easily pass through firewalls, eliminating server maintainance and costly on-site visits.

Great design flexibility
The MiniCore RCM6700 series of core modules is ideal for today's smart energy initiatives as well as a host of other applications requiring networking and device control. With plenty of configurable I/O and multiple serial ports, the RCM6700 provides connectivity and control to numerous devices, allowing for greater design flexibility without sacrificing features and cost.

Our integrated hardware and software solution allows the RCM6700 series to be fully programmable within Dynamic C®, an ANSI C compliant development environment. Complete samples and libraries are included to dramatically reduce development time from months to weeks.

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