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The RabbitCore® RCM3900 module series delivers 10/100Base-T Ethernet and -20°C to +85°C extended temperature range. The RCM3900 series offers two variations, one with on-board 32MB of flash memory mass storage, and the other version without it. Both variations deliver the capability to use up to 1 GB of hot-swappable mass storage with miniSD™ memory cards, ideal for embedded applications using data archiving for later uplink to a computer.

Applications that can use the mass storage and Ethernet capability of the RabbitCore RCM3900 module are:

Data archiving and upload
Tank monitoring
Automatic meter reading
Remote energy management
Security and surveillance
The RCM3900’s mass-storage can use the Dynamic C software FAT file system module to store data and use the same directory file structure commonly used on PCs.

RabbitCores mount directly onto a user-designed motherboard and act as the controlling microprocessor for the system. Its compact size - 1.85" x 2.73" x 0.86" (47 mm x 69 mm x 22 mm) – makes it easy to integrate the RCM3900 module onto a motherboard. The RCM3900 has fast program execution SRAM and data SRAM, flash memory, and the circuitry necessary for reset and management of battery backup of the Rabbit 3000’s internal real-time clock and the data SRAM. Two 34-pin headers bring out the Rabbit 3000 I/O bus lines, parallel ports, and serial ports.

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