video corpo

AC residual current circuit breaker / bipolar / modular / molded case



  • Electrical characteristics:

    AC, bipolar

  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    molded case, DIN rail

  • Current:

    40 A

  • VAC:

    230 V


The EFI residual current circuit breakers are utilized for protection against direct contacts of parts under voltage in case of IΔn≤30mA, prevention of lasting voltage on earthed part which may appear due to a defect in the electrical installation, and protection against the indirect touching of parts under voltage.

These residual current circuit breakers are able to be used in TT, IT, TN-C and TN-S network systems or with words in every system where protective and neutral conductors are separated (VDE 0100 Part 410). Residual current circuit breakers are included in the program which are sensitive to alternating residual current (AC-type) and others which are sensitive to pulsating and alternating residual current (A-type).

They operate at a rated voltage of 230 VAC (EFI-2) and 230/400 VAC (EFI-4).

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