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hydraulic press / forming / with heating plates / vertical



  • Operation:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    with heating plates, vertical, for production, straight-side, with fixed table

  • Opening:

    1,010 mm

  • Force:

    2,942 kN


Hydraulic presses MECAMAQ, “PDV series” are designed with heavy-duty frame design, useful for operations with die, mould or tools. These machine series doesn’t include the upper plate.
Hydraulic equipment including 3 speeds (fast approach, work speed and fast return) redundant control valves, decompression valves, safety valves and steel pump with maximum pressure 320bars.
End of the piston rod mechanized to adjustment of tools, lower plate mechanized with “T-slots” DIN 650.
Machine series equipment includes electric limit switches, pressure switch, two-hand safety activation and physical barriers according to EU safety guidelines.
Machine optional equipment available for these models is the following:
Front side protections with doors, photoelectric barriers, machine parameters controlled by means of tactile panel (according to customer requirements), hydraulic cushion and hydraulic ejectors for upper/lower plate, pieces counter and hot plates for temperature applications.
For different dimensions or features, we prepare estimates according to customer specifications.
Available tonnage from 40 to 500 tons. (More powerful are available under demand).