protection sleeve / corrugated / for cables / for electrical cables



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Applications:

    for cables, for electrical cables

  • Material:


  • Temperature:

    Max.: 120 °C (248 °F)

    Min.: -30 °C (-22 °F)


The aluminum heat reflective corrugated tube is manufactured from a combination of aluminum foil and Kraft, with aluminum on the outside and inner layers and Kraft in the middle layer. This unit has a temperature range of -30 to +120°C, and is the ideal reflective tube for protecting control cables, gear cables, cooling tubes, air conditioning and ventilation pipes, fuel hoses, heat sensitive parts and wire sets.

The tube is suitable for use on copper pipes for shifter cables, speed indicator cables, electrical cables and LPG systems. The bending radius is around 1.5 times that of ID, and buyers will be impressed with the durability and reliability of this tube.