machine tool vise / 5-axis / steel / 5-axis machining



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    steel, 5-axis machining

  • Max. clamping force:

    42 kN

  • Stroke:

    Max.: 236 mm

    Min.: 22 mm


5 Axis clamping system for grid plates

Base plates and jaws low-carbon steel.
Seating ledges steel.
Jaw plates special steel.
Clamping pins tool steel.
Base plates and jaws black oxidised.
Seating ledges hardened, bright.
Jaw plates bright.
Clamping pins hardened, bright.
5 axis clamping system for mounting on grid plates.
The clamping system enables 5-sided machining free of interfering edges with a clamping depth of only 8 mm. With this clamping system, clamping widths of 22 - 236 mm are possible, and can be extended as desired using the optionally available 41065 extension shafts.
By installing a tension spindle immediately under the workpiece support, a force of up to 42 kN is applied to the workpiece; this is not lost due to bending. The use of clamping pins with a 4 mm cup point allows positive-fit clamping without pre-embossing.
To fasten the clamping system on grid hole plates, 07533 locating bolts are recommended.
The clamping set includes 1 each extension shaft with L = 60 mm and L = 120 mm.

* The clamping height can be extended with the height adapters 41020 and support guides 41030.

Stop set 41070
Locating bolts 07533