semi-automatic assembly machine / for wood



  • Operating mode:


  • Applications:

    for wood


Key features:

- The machine is designed for semi-automatic assembly of furniture frames with zig-zag springs and Rapid Clips.
- The machine frame is made of anodized aluminium on special swivel feet, extending base, frame pneumatic clamps and pulling mechanism.
- A transparent cover made of aluminium and plexiglass with end-switchers that prevent machine start when cover is opened.
- The machine is equipped with bi-manual start system that controls extending base with pulling pneumatic cylinders.


Wooden frame size: 1375 x 760 mm (54.1" x 29.9")
Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 1571 mm x 1163 mm x 1105 mm (61.85"x45.78"x43.5")
Pneumatics' country of origin: Italy
Frame: aluminum profiles (anodized)
The machine can be made in custom size on demand for a specific size of the sofa frame and zig-zag springs.