pneumatic press / compression / upholstery



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PDM-1 can be used in manufacturing big pieces of upholstered furniture with springs or upholstery foam.

Key features:

- Pneumatic press for upholstery designed for increased efficiency in furniture industry.
- Facilitates the production of furniture; it provides even compression of springs or foam to the desired thickness over the entire surface.
- Time-saving device; it can be operated by one person. The press holds the elements of the furniture in the same position in which it was placed under the press for the upholstery and provides an easy access to the entire back side of the furniture piece, without moving it.
- Using pneumatic cylinder with a screw system and a hand wheel allows one to accurately adjust the desired compression force. Pressing force is indicated on the operating pressure regulator, mounted on the head of the press.


Model: PDM-1/HD
Tabletop dimensions: 2350 x 1500 mm (92.51" x 59")
Adjustable tabletop height: 550 – 850 mm (21.6" - 33.46")
Upper mound dimensions: 1720 x 520 mm (67.71" x 20.47")
Working pressure: 3-9 bar (43.5 - 130.5 PSI)
Pneumatic cylinder: D100x350
Pressure regulator: Yes
Cylinder height adjustability: Yes