water leak detector / with headphone / portable / with digital display
HL 50-BT



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    with headphone, portable, with digital display


HL 50-BT
Hand-held leak locator with integrated sensor and wireless headphones

Thanks to its particularly ergonomic shape the HL 50 is a single hand operated instrument. Two operation buttons and a thumb - that‘s all you need to use the HL 50.

In the standard version, the HL 50 offers an integrated sensor and wireless headphones. There are no irritating connection cables. The HL 50 therefore offers optimal mobility and is highly suitable for listening to valve spindles and hydrants, but also to fittings in buildings.


- Easy to operate with only two operation buttons
- Frequency filter for different field applications
- Always ready to use thanks to extremely long battery life
- For professional leak detection, external ground microphones can be connected