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eccentricity measuring system eccentricity measuring system - ODEX®


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Eccentricity and Concentricity Measurement and Diameter Measurement of LAN, Telephone, Coax, Mini Coax, RF Cable

ODEX® 10 - Highly Advanced, Extremely Accurate, and Comprehensive Gauging System for the Market. Modern Design incorporates Fast and Sophisticated Signal Processing.

ODEX® 10 (Pat. pend.) is a novel concept from ZUMBACH® for very accurate and reliable monitoring of insulation diameter and conductor eccentricity/concentricity during extrusion or other insulating processes of ferrous and non-ferrous conductors. ZUMBACH®'s extensive experience with thousands of inductive EX-TEST and METREX® monitors, and ODAC® laser diameter sensors led to this most advanced system.

The ODEX® measures eccentricity, diameter and ovality within a few microns (1µ = 0.001 mm [.00004 in). In applications of modern data cables CAT 5...8 and many other cable products, this often decides if the product passes or fails Quality Control Requirements. Because of the outstanding linearity, the ODEX® can be mounted stationary in most applications and without the need of a servo or mechanical tracking system to keep the product centered.

The acquisition of the outer diameter in two axes is achieved with high frequency laser scanning technology while the measurement of the inner conductor position is performed inductively, utilizing several measuring coils.

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