thickness measuring system / diameter / X-ray / for tubes

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thickness measuring system thickness measuring system - RAYEX®


  • Measured physical value:

    thickness, diameter

  • Technology:


  • Measured material:

    for tubes


The dynamic RAYEX® D is a low energy X-ray and high speed scanning system for the measurement of wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality of multilayer (up to 3 layers) or single layer products in CV lines or others. RAYEX® D is based on the worlds first system which was able to measure all relevant cable parameters from outside the tube looking through beryllium windows.

The static RAYEX® S is a fully new X-ray system based on latest technology and made with top quality. Unconventional solutions reunited in unique advantages, flexibility and high measurement performance: Easy and reliable operation, High accuracy, Longevity, especially of X-ray sources, Easy maintenance and service, High safety level. The systems measures at 4 wall thickness points, 2 diameters, ovality with 2 X-ray sources under 90˚ to each other. There are no moving parts and no water cooling is necessary.

Your Advantages:
Shorter start-up times
Considerable material savings
Increased throughput
"Process transparency" at all times
Short payback
Seamless QC documentation


The radiation intensity is far below all international limitation standards and, therefore, does not represent a safety problem.

Important Features:
Measures thin semi-conductor and insulation layers down to 0.3 mm (.012 in.)
Simultaneous and uninterrupted scanning in X and Y directions with highest precision
High scan rate and screen update (every 1...3 s)
Multi-colored, easy to understand display
Automatic control, thanks to short measuring intervals
High resolution and accuracy, thanks to "Micro Focus" beam and UMX x-ray source.

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