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5 products MITUTOYO
MITUTOYO 0.1 - 25 mm | LSM-902/6900
laser scan micrometer 0.1 - 25 mm | LSM-902/6900 MITUTOYO

Suitable for pin and plug gage measurements. Wide measuring range of...

MITUTOYO 0.005 - 2 mm | LSM-500S
laser micrometer 0.005 - 2 mm | LSM-500S MITUTOYO

Permits measurements starting from ø5μm....

MITUTOYO 0.5 - 60 mm | LSM-9506
benchtop laser micrometer 0.5 - 60 mm | LSM-9506 MITUTOYO

Measurement system and display integrated into a single...

MITUTOYO 1 - 60 mm | LSM-506S
laser micrometer 1 - 60 mm | LSM-506S MITUTOYO

General-purpose type with a measuring range of 1mm to 60mm....

MITUTOYO 1 - 160 mm | LSM-516S
laser micrometer 1 - 160 mm | LSM-516S MITUTOYO

General-purpose type with a wide measuring range of 1mm to 160mm....

Keyence Deutschland IG series
CCD laser micrometer IG series Keyence Deutschland

Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer • Repeatability of 5 μm 0.020 Mil • Linearity...

Keyence Deutschland LS-7000
optical CCD micrometer LS-7000 Keyence Deutschland

LS-7000 LED/CCD Optical Micrometer • High-speed linear CCD and telecentric optical system • 2400 samples/second high-speed...

Keyence Deutschland TM-3000
optical CCD micrometer TM-3000 Keyence Deutschland

Measures 2 Dimensions with Micron Precision The TM-3000...

KEYENCE FRANCE SAS 10 - 28 mm | IG series
CCD laser micrometer 10 - 28 mm | IG series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that realizes...

video KEYENCE FRANCE SAS max. 65 mm, 0.01 µm | LS-7000 series
optical CCD micrometer max. 65 mm, 0.01 µm | LS-7000 series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

Breakthrough technology intelligent optical micrometer with 0.01-micron high resolution, 2400 samples/second...

KEYENCE FRANCE SAS max. 120 mm, 0.05 µm | LS-5000 series
laser scan micrometer max. 120 mm, 0.05 µm | LS-5000 series KEYENCE FRANCE SAS

High-speed laser scan micrometer operates with up to 4 sets of sensor heads...

6 products MICRO-EPSILON
miniature laser micrometer turboSPEED DZ140 MICRO-EPSILON

The DZ140 turbo speed sensors with integrated temperature measurement are designed for direct installation into the turbo compressor housing. Development of the system has taken into...

MICRO-EPSILON 10 µm, 2 - 30 mm | optoCONTROL 1200
miniature laser micrometer 10 µm, 2 - 30 mm | optoCONTROL 1200 MICRO-EPSILON

The optoCONTROL 1200 is based on the principle of light quantity measurement. The compact laser micrometer has all the evaluation electronics...

MICRO-EPSILON 30 µm, 72 - 98 mm | optoCONTROL 1202
laser micrometer 30 µm, 72 - 98 mm | optoCONTROL 1202 MICRO-EPSILON

The optoCONTROL 1202 provides the largest measuring range of the optical micrometers. Thus, applications are supported where previously two devices were necessary...

MICRO-EPSILON 2µm, 28mm | optoCONTROL 1220
CCD laser micrometer 2µm, 28mm | optoCONTROL 1220 MICRO-EPSILON

Red laser line, 35mm light curtain Working distance of up to 2,000mm Integrated interference filter CCD...

MICRO-EPSILON 1 µm - 34 mm | optoCONTROL 2500
laser micrometer 1 µm - 34 mm | optoCONTROL 2500 MICRO-EPSILON

OptoCONTROL 2500 is a laser thrubeam micrometer with integrated...

MICRO-EPSILON 0.1 µm, 40 mm | optoCONTROL 2600
high-speed LED micrometer 0.1 µm, 40 mm | optoCONTROL 2600 MICRO-EPSILON

OptoCONTROL 2600 is a LED based micrometer with an integral high resolution CCD camera for geometrical measurements. LED technology...

Zumbach Electronic AG ODAC® series
laser measuring head for in-line dimensional measurement ODAC® series Zumbach Electronic AG

Ten thousands of ODAC® measuring heads have been in use successfully for over 30 years. From international conglomerates to the small manufacturing company, ODAC® instruments are being used in...

new Zumbach Electronic AG max. 200x200 mm | MSD series
laser measuring head for in-line dimensional measurement max. 200x200 mm | MSD series Zumbach Electronic AG

With the MSD diameter gauges, ZUMBACH® introduces a new series of measuring heads for on-line diameter and ovality measurement and control. This new line complements...

Zumbach Electronic AG ODEX® 10
in-line concentricity and diameter measuring instrument for cables ODEX® 10 Zumbach Electronic AG

ODEX® 10 (Pat. pend.) is a novel concept from ZUMBACH for very accurate and reliable monitoring of insulation diameter and conductor eccentricity/concentricity during extrusion or other insulating...

Zumbach Electronic AG ECOGAUGE
laser diameter gauge ECOGAUGE Zumbach Electronic AG

The ECOGAUGE family presents an affordable kind of solution for in-line measurement under difficult environmental conditions in processes such as hot rolling,...

5 products Sikora AG
laser diameter gauge LASER SERIES 2000 Sikora AG

The LASER Series 2000 offers the latest online diameter measuring device program in its market segment. Highest precision, reliability and continuous functionality are the features of all SIKORA LASER...

laser diameter gauge LASER SERIES 6000 Sikora AG

High-speed diameter measurement and detection of lumps and neckdowns The gauge heads of the new LASER Series 6000 combine a variety of new technological features for the highest precision and reliability...

laser diameter gauge TIGER LASER 6010 XY Sikora AG

The TIGER LASER 6010 XY is an innovative two-in-one measuring device. It measures the diameter and at the same time it inspects the surface of the product for lumps and neckdowns. Optionally, the...

Sikora AG LUMP 2000
laser diameter gauge LUMP 2000 Sikora AG

XY- and 3-axis lump/neckdown detectors For a continuous quality control lump detectors are as essential as diameter measuring devices and spark testers today. Promptly, precisely and with a high reliability...

in-line concentricity and diameter measuring instrument for cables FIBER SERIES 6000 Sikora AG

Innovative measuring technology for optical fiber production Following the market launch of the LASER Series 6000 SIKORA developed technically sophisticated equipment with the devices of the FIBER Series...

1 products EDIT
3 products RIFTEK
video RIFTEK max. 59 mm | RF65X Series
optical CCD micrometer max. 59 mm | RF65X Series RIFTEK

Optical micrometers. RF65X Series Application domain Laser micrometers are designed for non-contact measurement and control of position and dimensoins (diameter, thickness, gaps)...

video RIFTEK
CCD laser micrometer RIFTEK

Non-contact measurement system for hose and pipes diameter dimensions. Two micrometers RF651 Series are used in...

video RIFTEK
benchtop laser micrometer RIFTEK

Optical Measurement System The Optical Measurement System is an automatic laser measuring station....

1 products Kurschat GmbH
Kurschat GmbH i!mensio
laser thickness meter i!mensio Kurschat GmbH

High precise laser thickness measurement in a compact system Thickness resultion...

5 products LaserLinc
LaserLinc TLAser122
single-axis laser scan micrometer TLAser122 LaserLinc

The TLAser122, with its advanced prism-based scanning technology, is designed to be extremely repeatable, accurate,...

LaserLinc 0.17 - 30 mm | TLAser203™
dual-axes laser scan micrometer 0.17 - 30 mm | TLAser203™ LaserLinc

The ultra-compact TLAser203 micrometer provides exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The prism-based system, with a shorter optical path and fewer components,...

LaserLinc TLAser222™
dual-axes laser scan micrometer TLAser222™ LaserLinc

TLAser222™ The TLAser222 is part of LaserLinc’s X22 family of 22 millimeter prism-based...

LaserLinc 0.7 - 120 mm | TLAser2120™
dual-axes laser scan micrometer 0.7 - 120 mm | TLAser2120™ LaserLinc

The TLAser230, TLAser260, and TLAser2120 laser micrometers share many characteristics, differing mainly in their size. They feature...

LaserLinc Triton™
3-axis laser scan micrometer Triton™ LaserLinc

LaserLinc introduced the first Triton™ triple-axis micrometers in 2006—when the Triton312™ and Triton330™ , brought an entirely new dimension to your product measurement...

6 products Beta LaserMike
Beta LaserMike ActiveScan™
laser diameter gauge ActiveScan™ Beta LaserMike

Beta LaserMikes ActiveScan measurement system outperforms traditional stationary and motion-based diameter gauges used to measure...

Beta LaserMike AccuScan series
laser micrometer AccuScan series Beta LaserMike

AccuScan systems from Beta LaserMike provide on-line precision measurements of the diameter and ovality of products. Using laser scanning technology, AccuScan systems are able to perform...

Beta LaserMike 0.1 - 10 mm | CenterScan 2010
non-contact eccentricity measurement device 0.1 - 10 mm | CenterScan 2010 Beta LaserMike

When the core of insulated wire and cable moves off-center, your product quality suffers. And with the increasingly tighter tolerances demanded by users, unchecked...

Beta LaserMike  0.0254 - 50 mm | Z-Mike
laser diameter gauge 0.0254 - 50 mm | Z-Mike Beta LaserMike

Z-Mike bench-top dimensional measurement systems provide fast, accurate, and repeatable measurement of parts. This laser measurement device does not touch the product,...

Beta LaserMike AccuNet
laser diameter gauge AccuNet Beta LaserMike

The AccuNet Benchtop Measurement System is for customers looking to quickly and easily setup an off-line part measurement system that...

Beta LaserMike MultiScan32
laser diameter gauge for mulitiple strands MultiScan32 Beta LaserMike

The MultiScan32 combines powerful software and Beta LaserMikes high-performance...

1 products Royal Master
Royal Master
laser diameter gauge for grinder Royal Master

Royal Master Grinders has introduced an updated Gauging system with not only a new robust appearance, but more software enhancements. Our engineering team have mounted our .1 micron linear motor onto...

Sprecher Automation SPRESCAN 3D-L
3D laser scanner for large products SPRESCAN 3D-L Sprecher Automation

SPRESCAN 3D-L creates a data record which contains a full three-dimensional image of the log. Therefore, all relevant log properties can be calculated such as diameter of log...

Matsushita Electric Works
CCD laser micrometer Matsushita Electric Works

High accuracy measurement A red semiconductor laser is used as the emitting device and CCD is used as the receiving device. An ideally parallel optical beam is emitted achieving...

Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America max. 2 000 mm, 4 µm | HL-T1 series
miniature laser micrometer max. 2 000 mm, 4 µm | HL-T1 series Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America

The HL-T1 series of laser collimated beam sensors combines extremely compact sensor heads with a high-functionality intelligent controller. Three sensor heads are available from the long-range, small...

1 products DELTA
DELTA max. 10 m | TL
laser measuring head for in-line dimensional measurement max. 10 m | TL DELTA

The Trilas TL is an autonomous sensor mounted in a cast aluminium housing containing a visible laser emitter with its power supply and a diode array with focalisation...

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