Casting: sand handling and processing equipment

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The Metso shaker series has been specifically designed for the shakeout of heavy flask, mixed flask sizes and castings. The shakers are suitable for...

foundry sand heater - EH series

The Metso systems have numerous benefits which include a quick response time, a true understanding of process conditions and in-house engineering to enable custom fit applications....

batch mixer / foundry sand - 15 - 230 t/h | DISA SAM

DISA SAM Mixer is a fast, accurate and robust turbine mixer with a high-intensive throughput of 15-230 t/h.
The concept of...

foundry core sand mixer - 15 - 115 t/h | DISA TM


DISA TM Mixer is a reliable, durable and economical turbine mixer with throughput 15-115 t/h.
The DISA Turbine...

inspection device sand conditioning quality - DISA SMC

Sand quality is the key to mould quality and thus the key to high performance production of quality castings.

Designed for use with...

foundry core sand mixer - 15 - 200 t/h | KW

An intelligent preparation solution

A powerful and profitable batch-type sand mixer

almost simultaneous filling of the sand mixer with return sand and a controlled water addition
rapid blending by a high-speed rotor and immediate start of the effective mixing phase
specific feeding of additives

Three bottom-wall ploughs...

foundry sand cooler - 30 - 250 t/h | ASK

Effective return sand conditioning

capacity range 30 to 250 t/h
integrated control system
maximum cooling capacity
optimum moistening and homogenization

The task:...

foundry core sand mixer - STATORMIX

State of the art core production demands mixers with optimum mixing intensity, high mixing performance, low binder consumption as well as low cleaning and maintenance requirements.

The KLEIN...

volumetric mixer-dispenser / for foundry sand - BDG

KLEIN bellow dosing equipment was particularly developed for use with chemical binders for foundry sands. The design is simple and robust.

Principle components:
- stainless steel bellows

volumetric mixer-dispenser / for foundry sand - BDG

In order to supply several core shooting machines with prepared core sand, different kinds...

volumetric mixer-dispenser / for foundry sand - BDG

KLEIN spiral vibration crusher combine several functions of a resin-bound sand reclamation plant, such as:
- lump crushing
- metal and foreign matter separation

foundry sand cooler - Reflux

The reflux cooler is especially suitable for granular free flowing bulk materials, as it is a contact cooler. The material to be cooled slowly flows along the water cooled cooling faces in counter current fashion. Water does not of course come into contact with the bulk material....

continuous mixer / swingarm / foundry sand - Spartan II series

The Spartan 200 series continuous sand mixer is Omega’s entry level machine giving the same high mixing...

continuous mixer / swingarm / foundry sand - Spartan III series 320

The Spartan 300 series continuous mixer has half-moon blade design...

continuous mixer / swingarm / foundry sand - SPARTAN lll ‘T’ TURBO series

The Spartan 300T series high speed paddle blade mixer is available in pivotal, articulated or mobile form with outputs ranging from 1 to 100 tonnes per hour. The ‘T’...

sand reclamation machine foundry - 6 - 30 t/hr

Vibratory crushers are vibrating systems using a vibration drive to
separate sand lumps from the iron parts in a batch and, at the
same time, crush the sand...

sand reclamation machine foundry - 6 - 30 t/hr

The sand cooler homogenies and cools the green sand in...

foundry sand cooler - 150 t/h

In the herewith application,...

foundry sand cooler - 150 t/h

Well prepared sand results only if sand, water, bentonite, and other additives are optimally mixed together. Every grain of...

foundry core sand mixer - BI

To improve the effectiveness of the mixer, binder injection has been implemented. To begin with, the components to be dosed are automatically...

foundry core sand mixer - BI

In addition to the Webac Sandmixer, the return sand cooler is a key component of sand preparation....

foundry core sand mixer - BI

Reliability, sturdy design and excellent mixing results are the key features of our...

foundry core sand mixer - BI

As well as the area of clay-bound sands, the organic cold resin processes are a significant feature in the foundry. Furan resin is used as a binder for over 80 % of the...

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