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Carl Zeiss Microscopy ZEISS Crossbeam 340 & 540
ZEISS Crossbeam 340 & 540 Carl Zeiss Microscopy

ZEISS Crossbeam 340 and Crossbeam 540 Your FIB-SEMs for Nanotomography and Nanofabrication Enjoy High Productivity with an Open 3D Nano-Workstation Speed up your tomography runs:...

Carl Zeiss Microscopy ZEISS AURIGA
ZEISS AURIGA Carl Zeiss Microscopy

ZEISS AURIGA Your Crossbeam workstation Does working with your sample cover more than just imaging of the surface? Would you also like to know about the chemical composition...

Hitachi High-Technologies Europe FB-2200 FIB
FB-2200 FIB Hitachi High-Technologies Europe

The FB-2200 allows for rapid and precise specimen preparation for both transmission and scanning electron microscopy of semiconductors and other advanced materials. Features High precision and high milling...

Spellman High Voltage Electronics 1.35 W, 0 - 45kV | FIBX
AC/DC power supply for 1.35 W, 0 - 45kV | FIBX Spellman High Voltage Electronics

Spellman’s FIBX power supply is an integrated multiple output high voltage power supply specifically designed for focused ion beam. Typical applications include transmission and scanning electron microscopy;...

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