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The E1500 is a NEW hand-held industrial combustion gas and emissions analyzer that is a valuable tool designed for maintenance and tuning of combustion processes including boilers, burners, gas and diesel engines, turbines, furnaces, kilns, heaters,...


The Interference dew-points analyzer “CONG-Prima-10” is designed to measure the dew point temperature of the water and hydrocarbon in natural gas, air and other gaseous media. It uses a chilled mirror technique to carry out dew point measurements. The analyzer measures moisture and hydrocarbons in natural gas and air. It is ideal to use in the oil, gas and chemical industry. It...


Analysis results are available in minutes from the Model 9600L which detects and measures trace contaminant concentrations as low...


RAID S2 represents a gas trace detector that provides reliable operation in a range of environmental conditions...


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A gas analyzer uses chemical or physical methods to measure the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of a gas mixture.

These devices are used for a variety of purposes. They measure engine exhaust gases and are employed in the food industry. They also are used for atmospheric analysis in confined environments. In addition, analyzers are found in the areas of emissions control and toxic gas detection.

The variety of instruments includes infrared analyzers, gas chromatography mass spectrometers and thermal conductivity units. Some models can measure several different types of gas simultaneously. These usually employ a combination of different technologies or can use several measurement cells at the same time.

Choice will depend on analytic method. This is a function of the type of gas to be measured and the operational domain. In addition to bench models capable of continuous measurement, there are mobile and portable analyzers suitable for use in different environments.

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