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centrifugal pump / slurry / high-pressure / metal - MATRI-X series

The Thomas MATRI-X Series Pump range is designed for concentrated slurry hydro transport applications requiring higher pressure rated pumps. In addition to the design features of the Thomas ”X” Series Pumps, the MATRI-X series pumps are standard with a wet end bearing isolator to prevent bearing...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / high-flow - max. 108 000 l/h, max. 16 bar | SPX series

The Bredel Hose Pump is specifically made for various heavy duty applications. It is made through a direct-couple framework design technology. This enables it to have the integration of the small footprint of...

centrifugal pump / process / for cleaning / multiple-purpose - CR series

The basic CR pump range can be used in any industrial processes. Available in materials like cast iron, two grades of stainless steel and all-titanium, it has eleven...

axial piston pump / piston / washing / booster - BMP series

Grundfos BMP, piston pumps are ideal choice to transfer the liquids under great compression. The axial piston based design makes the pump highly efficient and very lightweight. It is an amazing transposition of swash plate...

submersible pump / centrifugal / booster / with electric motor - BME series

Grundfos features the BME series of multi-stage submersible pumps for various water applications....

centrifugal pump / circulation / transfer / with electric motor - max. 8 bar, max. 6 m³/h | durietta

The durietta 0 is a close-coupled, end-suction, single-stage or multistage centrifugal pump suitable for all kinds of low-flow, high-head applications requiring sanitary...

centrifugal pump / submersible / drainage  / dewatering - 43 l/s | DPK series

The GRUNDFOS DWK and DPK submersible pumps are used on dewatering and drainage operations. Both models are economic, are capable of dealing with high-pressures, and are installed easily. Due to...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure / multi-stage - max. 1 400 m, max. 274 m³/h | HGM

KSB HGM feed pump supports horizontal installation. The product-lubricated pump is...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure / multi-stage - max. 401 m, max. 8.6 m³/h | Movitec A PumpDrive

This vertical, high-pressure and multistage centrifugal ring-section pump has identical diameter, close-coupled nozzles placed (in-line) opposite...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure - max. 950 m, max. 1 150 m³/h | HGM-RO

KSB HGM-RO is a product lubricated, horizontal, radially split multistage...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure / multi-stage - max. 4 000 m, max. 1 278 m³/h | CHTC

Multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal pump is a horizontal and barrel-type pump designed with...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure / multi-stage - max. 5 300 m, max. 3 600 m³/h | CHTD

CHTD multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal pump is a horizontal station that integrates single...

pressure calibration pump / high-pressure / manual - max. 2 000 psi | PGPH

The PGPH is a hand operated pneumatic (air as pressure media) high-pressure table pressure...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure / mobile - max. 2 400 rpm, 74 - 98 cc, max. 280 bar | X20 - 620 series

Eaton X20 - 620 series is the top line powerful pump. It is designed to withstand the heaviest applications in the medium pressure range...

rotary vane pump / hydraulic / high-pressure - VMQ series

Equipped with a bi-metallic wafer plate design, the VMQ Series of fixed displacement vane...

piston pump / diaphragm / high-pressure - max. 800 m³/h, max. 300 bar | GEHO® ZPM

The GEHO® ZPM pump is based on the crankshaft driven technology with dual-cylinder, dual-action and high-pressure piston. The unique...

piston pump / diaphragm / high-pressure - max. 800 m³/h, max. 300 bar | GEHO® TZPM

The GEHO® TZPM Pump is produced and created by the Weir Minerals Netherlands b.v. It is a crankshaft driven pump which is purposed to handle corrosive...

metering pump / high-pressure - Rhino™

The Nordson EFD Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders offer great flow properties for dispensing of high-viscosity adhesive and sealant materials. The entire package features one Rhino pump, with JIC,...

diaphragm pump / high-pressure - 160 gpm, max. 200 psi | PH30F-AS-SXX-C series

The ARO 2:1 high pressure pump is capable of producing pressures of up to 200 psi at half the flow rate of a modular diaphragm pump. The...

diaphragm pump / high-pressure - 26 gpm, max. 300 psi | PH10A-XSS-XXT series

ARO 3:1 Ratio High Pressure Pump PH10A-XSS-XXT feature an operating capacity of up to 300 psi...

piston pump / high-pressure / for cleaners - 4 1/4

Our wash pump offers state-of-the-art cleaning...

grease pump / high-pressure - max. 1.8 gpm, max. 7 485 psi | 600 series

Ingersoll-Rand 600 Series NP646F01-1 bulk grease packages provide a high flow of maximum 1.8 GPM or 6.9 LPM and can handle high pressure of 0 to 7,485 psi or 0 to 516.2 bar. They have a built-in wet cup that increases pump life.

The unbalanced air valve...

plunger pump / high-pressure - max. 2 291 grm, max. 20 690 psi | QWS 3500 series

The QWS 3500 is an extremely powerful well service pump, with 3,500BHP (2,609KwZ),...

plunger pump / high-pressure - max. 1 597 gpm, max. 28 385 psi | TWS 2400 series

The TWS 2400 recently developed frac pump is designed to ensure better handling operations in extreme operating...

plunger pump / high-pressure / triplex - 45 000 psi | Diesel Eagle®

The Diesel Eagle represents a very powerful and self-contained pump design intended for use in a variety of demanding surface...

plunger pump / for cleaning / high-pressure / triplex - 40 000 psi | Diesel Husky®

The Flow Husky 40,000 psi diesel pump is a standard setter in the industry for all high pressure portable pumps for large surface preparations and heavy industrial cleaning operations.
It is the world’s first triplex direct drive pump with the ability...

plunger pump / for cleaning / high-pressure / triplex - 55 000 psi | Diesel Husky®

In order to maximize productivity, the Diesel Husky offers the highest pressure on the market at 55,000 psi. Businesses are kept competitive due to low operational...

plunger pump / for cleaning / high-pressure / triplex - 40 000 psi | Husky E-40

The Flow Electric Husky E-40 pump is the most durable and powerful UHP pump available anywhere in the world. It finds its application in the marine industry and similar stationary surface preparation processes.
This is the only pump in the world that has...

plunger pump / high-pressure / triplex - max. 7 500 psi, max. 632 gpm | PZ-11 series

Gardner Denver's PZ-11 (PZL) is a reliable high pressure model drilling pump which can obtain pressures of 7500...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure - 63 - 560 cm³/rev | K3VG series

The KAWASAKI KPM's K3V / K3VL / K3VG axial piston pumps represent a highly successful K3V series, with innovative design. They offer higher efficiency,...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure / mobile - 63 - 280 cm³/rev | K3V series

The K3V, manufactured by Kawasaki, is specifically engineered for heavy-duty equipment and construction industries...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure / mobile - 80 - 200 cm³/rev | K5V series

The K5V series of Kawasaki is capable of tackling enlargement of displacement disregarding the same regulator variations and installation...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure / mobile - 63 - 100 cm³/rev | K7V series

To adhere to the requirements for tiny installation spaces, the total length of the pump is reduced by approximately 10% in comparison...

axial piston pump / hydraulic / high-pressure / mobile - 45 - 112 cm³/rev | K4V series

The K4V series has different optional accessories and can be used in a closed circuit. It is a piston...

piston pump / pneumatic / high-pressure - Puma 28-40

Puma 28-40 is pneumatic piston pump that provides functionality for Airless and AirCoat finishing with low to moderate viscosity materials in processes...

piston pump / pneumatic / high-pressure - 120 - 530 bar | IceBreaker

The high-pressure piston pumps of the WAGNER provide optimum performance according to the industrial standards and needs of the contractors. The pump is equally good for all...

piston pump / pneumatic / high-pressure -  112 - 450 bar | EvoMotion

The WAGNER Evo Motion is a pneumatic high-pressure piston pump applicable for a wide range...

diaphragm pump / high-pressure - max. 5.0 l/min | Cobra® series

WAGNER high pressure dual-diaphragm pump Cobra uses a highly advanced technology in various applications. The Cobra series offers all benefits of a piston pump...

metering pump / high-pressure - Rhino™

The Rhino™ Bulk Unloaders from NORDSON are made specifically to address applications that...

metering pump / high-pressure - EP1310C

The EP1310C from FISNAR is a strong, single cartridge pump system that is used for controlled fluid transfer of 310 ml plastic...

metering pump / high-pressure - EP1320C

Unit provides an excellent medium-ratio system used for controlled fluid transfer from 1/10 gallon ( 310ml) plastic cartridges perfect for silicone type of fluids. The system uses a dual (A + B) tandem cartridge...

high-pressure pump / manual - max. 1 500 bar | HPT series

The lightweight Enerpac tensioning hand pump is a portable high-pressure hand pump with integrated...

high-pressure pump / manual - 0.61 - 2.49 cm³/stroke, 700 - 2 800 bar | P11 series

P 11-series ultra-high pressure hand pump is an industrial solution for hydraulic applications, obtaining a two-speed operation on...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure - max. 274 m³/h, max. 401 m | HGM

The HGM High-pressure centrifugal pump is engineered by KSB. It features a flat, product-lubricated,...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure / multi-stage - max. 1 450 m³/h, max. 4 000 m | CHTR

The CHTR is a multi-stage, high-pressure centrifugal barrel-type pump equipped with radial...

centrifugal pump / high-pressure - 23 m³/h, 70 bar | SALINO®

KSB has introduced SALINO pressure center for the desalination of sea water. It uses reverse osmosis for making sea water free from salt. Usually, a desalination process requires...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / medium-flow - 12 000 l/hr, max. 16 bar | Dura 45

The Verderflex Dura 45 is the pathfinder in a new generation of medium flow, industrial hose pumps. A product of intensive engineering investigation, with genuine class-leading performance, the Verderflex Dura 45 combines a close-coupled pumps compactness with a long coupled pumps easy serviceability. Additionally, its innovative,...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / low-flow - <1 l/h - 39 l/h, 8 bar | Dura 7

The Dura 5 & Dura 7 HPLV High Pressure Low Volume Dosing Pumps are the latest addition to Verderflex Industrial Hose Pump range.

The Dura 5 & Dura 7 deliver stable sub-litre per hour flows at either 5 or 8 Bar in a...

peristaltic pump / high-pressure / high-flow - 90 000 l/hr, max. 16 bar | VF series

Verderflex Industrial hose and tube pumps provide the solution to the most demanding jobs. The VF range includes the worlds largest hose pump and is capable of flow rates up to 90m3/hr or 390 US GPM....

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