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metering kneader / for olive oil - 500 l | FP90

The DOSAGE KNEADER FP90 from PIERALISI is an olive oil kneading machine....

measuring kneader / batch - 30 - 50 g

The Brabender measuring mixers are interchangeabe measuring heads utilized for realistic laboratory stimulation. When connected to a Plasti-Corder, Plastograph or lab-station, they serve to determine thermosets, thermoplastics,...

batch kneader / for high-viscosity materials - HPP

The HPP is a horizontal buffer press manufactured by Fitech AG. The unit permits full...

batch kneader / for high-viscosity materials - VPP

The VPP is a vertical buffer press engineered by Fitech. It enables the optimal use of...

batch kneader / for high-viscosity materials - VPP

The sigma blade mixer includes two blades that rotate toward each other at differential speeds. Each blade moves the material in opposite directions thereby...

batch kneader / for high-viscosity materials - VPP

Achieving consistently high and economic levels of fiberboard production requires glue preparation and glue application procedures...

batch kneader / horizontal - IPC 1200 AP/T

Sigma Kneader with discharge screw complete with an additional base frame. The mixer and mixer base frame is mounted on load...

batch kneader / horizontal - IPC 50 APG/NH

Special Kneader with discharge screw...

batch kneader / rubber - IPC 1200 MP/T

Sigma Kneader with discharge screw has...

batch kneader / horizontal - max. 2500 L | IPC 2500 AP/T-ID

Sigma Kneader with discharge screw having a total capacity of 2500 liters, totally constructed of AISI 316 L or of SAF 2205 for pharmaceutical applications....

batch kneader / laboratory - IPMR 10 AP/T-ID

BATTMIX Lab Mixer - Masticator Kneader with...

batch kneader / vertical - max. 160 kg | SP 12 - SP 160

The Spiral Mixer SP 12 - SP 160 at a glance

· mobile with fixed bowl
· or 12 kg, 24 kg, 40 kg, 80 kg, 120 kg, 160 kg dough
· large...

batch kneader / vertical - max. 240 kg | SPV 120 - SPV 240 A

The Spiral Mixer SPV 120 - SPV 240 A at a glance

· mobile (SPV 120 A) or stationary with removable bowl
· or 120 kg, 160 kg,...

batch kneader / vertical - max. 300 kg | PSPV 160 A - PSPV 300 A

The Spiral Mixer PSPV 160 A - PSPV 300 A at a glance

· Smooth and easy cleanable surface
· No paint application
· Floor clearance for sanitary...

batch kneader / vertical - SK 160 AK - SK 240 AK

The Spiral Mixer SK 160 AK - SK 240 AK at a glance

· The spiral kneading arm homogeneously kneads and fully aerates the dough from top to bottom.
· Maximum kneading effect by precisely matched bowl and tool speeds.
· Unequalled...

batch kneader / vertical - DSP 240 A - DSP 400 A

The comfort
· smooth surfaces for easy washdown
· no superfluos elements like cylinders and bars in the dough mixing area
· sanitary paint free finish
· floor clearance for an optimum of sanitation...

batch kneader / for confectionery products - max. 70 kg/batch | CMCS-70

Automatic Kneading Machine designed to knead,...

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