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multi-spindle milling machine / rotor-slot - Slot 3P

SLOT 3P is an automatic water slot milling machine that makes drilling ventilation holes on PVC profiles possible and easy. The machine is fitted with recirculating ball...

milling system / ion beam / for sample preparation - IM4000

The Hitachi IM4000 Ion Milling System is both a wide-area sample surface polisher and an Ar ion cross section polisher, making the IM400 a two-in-one instrument for...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / for sheet machining - max. 6100 x 2100 x 500 mm | MECAPLUS

MECAPLUS 3 axes milling equipments are available with X travels up to 6,100 mm, Y travels up to 2,100 mm and Z travels of 275/500 mm. Positioning method is by vacuum, generated...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / precision - max. 6050 x 2020 x 400 mm | MECAPRO

Mécanuméric presents MECAPRO milling equipments with 3 axes for professionals. It provides superior price/performances ratios in a range of industrial sectors.

MECAPRO machines provide high-precision milling/cutting by making simple use of machining plate...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / precision - max. 2000 x 3000 mm | MECAEASY

MECAEASY 3 axes milling equipments cater to MECANUMERIC quality and fulfill service criteria. This device is easy to use because it is designed to be extremely useful friendly....

4-axis milling machine / horizontal / vertical / multi-spindle - max. 6050 x 2510 x 340 mm | MECABOND

The MECABOND is a milling equipment engineered with 4 axes multi spindles. This equipment can be used for different cutting needs that require speed. It can come with additional vertical...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / medium-sized - 1016 x 508 x 406 mm | TM-3P

The TM-3P is a toolroom mill that has a tool changer. It has a dimension of 1,016...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / universal / high-accuracy - 750 x 600 x 520 mm | DMU 70 ecoline

The DMU 70 ecoline machine addresses quality-oriented and price-conscious users who are looking for 5-sided machining options for larger workpieces. The ecoline features a traverse paths of 750 x...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / universal - 500 x 450 x 400 mm | DMU 50

The DMU 50 premieres as the new benchmark for the tool, workshop, training, laboratory, and fixtures industry. The CNC Universal Machine highlights digital drives in all axes, a traverse up to 24 m/min...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / universal - 750 x 600 x 520 mm | DMU 70

DMG Mori's 5 Axis Milling Machine DMU 70 combines DMG Mori's patented and signature technology with an enhanced and pioneering machine. It is manufactured with a...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / vertical / with rotating table - 735 x 650 x 650 mm | DMU 65 monoBLOCK®

Manufactured with 7.5 m2 footprint stature, the dynamic DMU 65 monoBLOCK® unifies all of the stability benefits of the monoBLOCK®...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / universal - 1335 × 1250 × 900 mm | DMU 125 FD monoBLOCK®

The DMU 125 FD monoBLOCK is a combination of all the great features of the standard version and the outstanding features of the mill-turning package. Its main feature is the FD table with a maximum speed of...

milling system / ion beam / for sample preparation - JIB-4000

The Panasonic JIB-4000 is a single-beam FIB system that features a high-performance ion column. A focused Ga ion beam is applied in a sample to allow SIM image monitoring...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / high-accuracy - 920 x 510 x 460 mm | PS series

The PS95 and PS96 machines are composed of vertical machining centers. Both units are capable of providing efficient...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / high-accuracy - 400 x 350 x 200 mm | iQ300

The Makino iQ300 is specifically engineered to provide accuracy in machining small part geometries...

3-axis milling machine / vertical / mobile - 914 Χ 305 Χ 406 mm | I series

The Series I Standard of the Bridgeport Mill series maintains its reputation for being the best all-purpose mill when it comes...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / medium-sized - 1 016 x 508 x 406 mm | TM-3P

This fully enclosed robust machine with 40 taper is the Toolroom Mill with Tool Changer. It has...

5-axis milling machine / vertical / for large parts - 2 500 - 4 000 mm | TITAN

The TITAN is manufactured by Breton. The product showcases a 5-axis vertical machining center that is commonly utilized...

conventional milling machine / 3-axis / vertical - 1000 x 500 x 560 mm | Servomill 1000

The proven design of the Knuth servo/conventional bed-type milling machine has wide-ranging functionality with intuitive controls, and the accuracy of superior CNC technology.


3-axis milling machine / vertical - X 900 - 1500 mm, Y 650 mm, Z 450 - 500 mm ι UWF 10, 12B, 15B

The universal milling machine has additional work table and vast travel runs. The equipment is torsionally developed and has a general swivel head-...

3-axis milling machine / vertical - max. 500 x 400 x 400 mm | WF 2.1, 3.1, 4.1

The WF 4.1 Milling Machine is designed and developed with several features for superior performance. The machine with digital position indicator is extensively used for tool construction. The milling machine is made of heavily ribbed cast-iron construction for optimum static and...

conventional milling machine / 3-axis / vertical - 1800 x 600 x 900 mm | KB 2500

This KB 2500 is manufactured by Knuth-machine tools. Its worktable features are optimized to fulfill the needs of a wide spectrum of applications: large table setup area of 2500 x 575 mm and high...

3-axis milling machine / vertical - 1000 x 282 x 400 mm | VFM 4

This Knee-and-Column Milling Machine provides an easy expansion and maintenance-free...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / vertical / plastics - max. 5 500 x 2 200 x 900 mm | trim series

The Trim Series is ideally designed and created to provide a good quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes...

5-axis milling machine / vertical / bridge type / mobile - max. 6 500 x 3 200 x 2 000 mm | FLA series

The new generation of the FLA series introduces the 5 axis machining center. The unit features a blend of milling machine's productivity and potential of a movable bridge machining center. All the axes offer higher dynamics and...

5-axis milling machine / vertical / for large parts - max. 30 000 x 8 800 x 4 500 mm | NAVY series

The NAVY series is an advanced 5-axis machining center specially designed for each shipyard's needs. To enable the meeting of any kind of dimensional and technological needs, a wide range of models and cutter heads are incorporated. The constructive...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / vertical - max. 3 000 x 3 600 x 1 300 mm | SKY series

The SKY series from Belotti is engineered to provide increased productivity levels to the operators. This...

steel bar milling machine - ZF-1

The ZF 1 is ideally used in dealing with applications that are concerned with steel, molded steel, non iron materials,...

CNC milling machine / 4-axis / vertical - 400 x 300 x 110 mm | High-Z S-400

The High-Z CNC-router and engraver can be used for a variety of applications. It can fix and clamp complex work-pieces on the work surface, or clamp the work-pieces in a high bench...

CNC milling machine / 4-axis / vertical / for letter and symbol making - 720 x 420 x 110 mm | High-Z S-720

High-Z S-720 has a high-z CNC router and engraving machine that has a fixed clamp for complex workpieces on its surface or on...

CNC milling machine / 4-axis / vertical - 1000 x 600 x 110 mm | High-Z S-1000

The High-Z-#D-CNC router with an external dimension of about 1350x800mm is the largest of its series enabling clamp fixing of complex work pieces...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / compact - 3200 x 2010 x 300 mm | RaptorX-SL3200/S20

RaptorX-SL cnc-router/cnc-engrave/portal milling and plasma cutting machines is an end to distortion prone steel machines constructed of cold drawn, paper thin square...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / for sheet machining - 1200 x 2010 x 300 mm | RaptorX-SL1200/S20

RaptorX-SL launches the new cnc-router, cnc-engraver, portal-milling and cutting machine. There are several videos that can demonstrate how to cut with a really big forming end mill in hard wood! This machine finally ends the...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / vertical - max. 4000 x 5500 x 1600 mm | SHAPEMILL NCF

The SHAPEMILL was previewed at Made Expo NCF 1200 and NCF1600 is a machine that is specially engineered for workshops and for the production of pieces made using naturally and composite stone example tanks, columns, bas reliefs, banisters, capitals...

CNC milling machine / 5-axis / vertical / bridge type - GANTRY® TS

The GANTRY® TS is a high portal machining center from Handtmann. It is designed with two heavy-duty spindles to provide more productivity. This machine has two...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / compact - max. 2 000 x 800 x 200 mm | ZF 1000, ZF 2000

The ZF 1000 and ZF 2000 are compact, 3-axis CNC vertical milling machines that are specifically designed to be used in various applications...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / compact - max. 2 000 x 800 x 200 mm | ZF 1000, ZF 2000

The NC milling machine, manufactured by Fimat, is equipped with 2 axes...

CNC milling machine / 3-axis / vertical / compact - max. 2 000 x 800 x 200 mm | ZF 1000, ZF 2000

The Special Vertical Milling is ideally designed to provide a good quality performance...


How to choose this product


A milling machine uses a rotary milling cutter to remove material from parts being machined.


These devices are used in metal parts manufacturing.


Milling cutters can be conical, torus-shaped or cylindrical, and are generally made of tungsten carbide. They are attached to the axis spindle via a drill sleeve, a mandrel or a special cone-shaped device. A tool-changing system can place tools such as taps, drill bits and reamers on the spindle.

The milling cutter and the part move relative to one another along X, Y and Z axes, the last being that of the spindle, which determines the depth of penetration. The two remaining axes define the plane of the workpiece's movement. The part or the spindle tilt along additional A, B and C axes. Rotation speed can be adjusted to suit the type of material being machined.

Some milling machines can repeat the movements executed by an operator. Digitally-controlled milling machines are piloted via ISO language generated by CAD/CAM software.

How to choose

Choose the required number of axes. Horizontal milling machines offer the advantage of removing shavings, as well as allowing gravity lubrication. Vertical milling machines allow flat machining. Universal models can operate in any orientation.

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