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transmitter signal converter - 5 - 24 V, 15 bit

This Sensor Signal Broadcaster is manufactured by Bei Sensors. The tool is capable of accepting the standard incremental encoder inputs....

temperature signal converter - STED

The Model STED Converter acquires a mV DC, thermocouple, RTD or potentiometer signal while changing and normalizing...

signal converter - KS1

The IP address can be setup easily by using the 'Configurator WD Ver1.2 or more'...

pulse signal converter - K111

The K111 from Seneca is a pulse signal converter which is a dual output trip amplifier/converter for particular...

pulse signal converter - K111

The Signal Converter, manufactured by Motrona, features high performance frequency-to-analogue and frequency-to-serial functions...

signal converter - SSI, 0 - 10 V, 0.4 - 20 mA

The SK 20 is a signal converter which converts encoder data into voltages of 0-10V or currents...

signal converter - ± 10 V | SK 30

The SK 30 is a signal converter developed by esitron-electronic. It is specifically designed...

signal converter - 0 - 5 V, 0 - 10 V, +/-10 V, 4 - 20 mA, RS422

The Signal converter SK 20 is mainly designed to provide a good quality functionality and...

galvanically isolated signal converter - SGS-61

Separator SGS-61 permits the input of complete galvanic segregation across the transmitter and the receptacle of 4-20 mA current ring. It can also allow attaching of multiple...

frequency to analog signal converter - max. 18 kHz, 12 bit

RHEIN TACHO F/I F/U converter helps in converting frequencies into a normalized linear analog signal. It offers a 12 bit signal resolution measuring time and period count. The device not only offers good linearity,...

pulse signal converter - EL-TRG_R

The EL-TRIG_R is manufactured by Elsys, and is a rack system reluctance trigger equipped...

pulse signal converter - EL-LTM1

The EL-TRG_R, manufactured by Elsys AG, is a reluctance trigger that is capable of producing TTL-Trigger-Pulses...

signal converter - KOS 517

The KOS 517 by Ditel is a signal converter which is designed for inspecting...

temperature signal converter - KOS 816

The KOS 816 passive isolator from Ditel is engineered to provide measuring services...

temperature signal converter - KOS 889

The KOS 889 is a temperature signal converter for TC "K"....

temperature signal converter - KOS 879

Ditel's KOS 879 is an industrial temperature converter, commonly used for TC "J"-related...

frequency to analog signal converter - 1500 V, RS485 | MPCV015

Accuracy better than: 0,5%
Thermal stability: 50 ppm/°C
Transducer power supply : 16V/ 20mA (unregulated)
Potentiometer/strain gauge power supply: 10Vdc 40mA

transmitter signal converter - INDUS compact series

The INDUS Compact is specifically designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes and applications....

transmitter signal converter - max. 30 mA, 24 V | ISK 70-755

The ISK 70-755 is a tool manufactured by ASO Safety Solutions company....

transmitter signal converter - 3 VA, 24 V | INDUS rail 71-242

The INDUS rail 71-242 by VRD ASO is a signal converter and transmitter...

transmitter signal converter - 3 VA, 24 V | INDUS classic 74-312

The Indus, manufactured by Aso Safety Solutions, is a signal transmission with two stationary...

electro-optic signal converter - FOI-299x series

The FIBERPLEX FOI-2991, FOI-2992, FOI-2993, and FOI-2994 Series are an undirectional composite video device or the fiber optic cables. These devices caters a complete electrical isolation that...

electro-optic signal converter - FOI-2971, 4972

The FOI-2971 and FOI-4972 manufactured by FIBERFLEX offers total electrical segregation for 2-wire telephone communications. The FOI-4972 can be used for many systems such as analog phones, secure telephone unit or STU-III phones, secure telephone...

electro-optic signal converter - FOI-3901, 3902

The Nortel Meridian M2000 and M3000 Series (FOI) with a model of FOI-3901, 3902 gives a thorough electrical isolation for Nortels Meridian™ M2000 and M3000 series digital telephones.

The FO1-3901...

electro-optic signal converter - FOI-2890

The FOI 2890, functionally manufactured by Fiberplex, is a duplex alarm with controls which reliably provides...

signal converter - 3.75 kV, 22.5 mm | PX

PX Process Signal Converters
Process control and monitoring systems often use a large number of standard process signals, voltage levels, current loops, temperature and pulsed signals...

signal converter - USB-i485 series

The USB-i485 module is a cost-effective way to convert RS485 or RS422 industrial buses to a USB interface. When connected to a PC USB port the USB-i485...

frequency to analog signal converter - THZ

Convert Pulse frequency to analogue signal
Accepts Contacts, "NPN", "PNP" and 'N' Type Proxim
0 to 20mA/0 to +-10V/0-+-10mA/0-10,000...

transmitter signal converter / DIN rail - max. 1 500 V, 4 - 20 mA | TWT

TC/RB/mV/V/C universal input in one product
Powered from 4-20mA output loop
Input Isolation to 1500Vac

transmitter signal converter / DIN rail - max. 1 500 V, 4 - 20 mA | TWT

Marposs air converter is a device which is part of a measuring system based on pneumatic technology, following principles of pneumo-electronic measure. A dimensional variation of the part to be measured is read by the converter like...

signal converter - 0/500 ºC | ISC series

Isolated signal converter

Function : Process
Input signal : mA, Vdc

signal converter - 0/600 ºC | ISC-PT100

Isolated signal converter

Function : Temperature PT100/RTD
Input signal : PT100/RTD
Ranges : 0/600ºC, 0/450ºC, 0/300ºC, 0/200ºC, 0/100ºC,...

signal converter - 0/700 ºC | ISC-TJ

Isolated signal converter

Function : Thermocouple J
Input signal : Thermocouple...

signal converter - 0/1200 ºC | ISC-TK

Isolated signal converter

Function : Thermocouple K
Input signal : Thermocouple...

signal converter - 0/800 ºC | ISC-TE

Isolated signal converter

Function : Thermocouple E
Input signal : Thermocouple E
Ranges : 0/800ºC, 0/500ºC,...

potentiometer signal converter - 18 - 32 VDC, max. 50 mA | EM-M19

EM-M19 supplies a regulated voltage for potentiometer. The voltage signal from the potentiometer is filtered and amplified....

signal converter - 12 - 32 VDC, max. 20 mA | EM-M25

EM-M25 is designed for measuring AC voltage. The device was designed for measuring mains voltage and as a converter to current signal. The AC voltage is measured...

potentiometer signal converter - 12 - 32 VDC, max. 25 mA | EM-M20

EM-M20 converts the position information of a potentiometer to milliampere signal ( 4...20 mA). Converter acquires its operating...

electro-pneumatic signal converter - 3923-0070

The Type 3923-0070 Pneumo-Electronic Converter is ideally designed to provide a good quality...

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