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vibration meter - Vibcheck

The Vibcheck vibration meter is a compact and lightweight unit that is made to monitor tools of machine condition....

vibration meter - 107В

The FFT Vibrometer - 107В is a compact, handheld, microprocessor based vibration-measuring instrument designed to measure vibration...

vibration meter - 4151HL

When used with an mV/g IEPE accelerometer, the Dytran 4151HL true RMS vibration meter is able to give the root mean square value of a machines vibration level or any other sort of...

vibration meter - 10 - 100 mV/g | 4190

The Dytran model 4190 provides the front-panel mounted “Bias-Test” push-button. When this switch is depressed, the front panel meter displays the voltage bias of the IEPE accelerometer connected...

vibration meter portable / pen type - 10 - 1000 Hz | PCH 4020

The Vibro Pen (model: 4020), manufactured by PCH Engineering, features a user-friendly mechanism as well as a portable design...

vibration meter portable - 10 - 1000 Hz | PCH 4051

The PCH 4051 is a vibration checker from PCH Engineering, built for easy operation and handling. It is compliant with the DIN/ISO 10816 standard.


vibration meter - Examiner 1000

The Examiner 1000 Series is manufactured by Monarch Instrument, and is a vibration meter equipped...

vibration meter - N28

The Vibrometer is highly designed to provide an extremely high quality performance and...

vibration meter - N300

The N300 from CEMB is a double channel vibrometer that is designed to balance and analyse...

vibration meter - N100

The N100 is a single channel vibrometer manufactured by CEMB. It is a rechargeable battery-operated...

vibration meter - A4900 - Vibrio M

The A4900 Vibrio M - Data collectors from Adash provide operators with the capability to deal with vibro-diagnostic...

vibration meter - CSI 2130

The CSI 2130 vibration data analyzer from I-Care. It is capable of providing services that are displayed at a resolution of 12.800 lines. This...

vibration meter - RH711

The Vibration/Temperature Meter Series RH711 is manufactured by Anhui Rongzhi Rixin Information Technology Co. Ltd. It...

vibration meter - RH802

The RH802, manufactured by ROZH, is a portable vibration spectrum analyzer that offers long time...

vibration meter - BALTECH VP-3405

BALTECH presents VP-3405 and VP-3405-2 vibration meters. These are the most commonly-used equipment for vibration control. They both look identical. A key difference is that BALTECH VP-3405 measures...

vibration meter - BALTECH VP-3410

If overall vibration measurement is conducted and vibration displacement, vibration velocity, vibration acceleration are to be checked, the easiest and the most effective for you will be vibration meter BALTECH VP-3410. In this vibration meter vibration sensor is...

vibration meter - BALTECH VP-3450

It is difficult to check the bearing units mounted on the rotary equipments. BALTECH VP-3450 is a device, which designed with a function, that is based on shock impulse technique....

vibration meter - BALTECH VP-3470

Two-channel-balancer BALTECH VP-3470 with the software BALTECH Expert allows to make vibration measurement and to perform vibration analysis with several methods for determination of remaining life of rotor equipment. For machine repair and alignment the portable device allows to carry out dynamic balancing of rotors on their...

vibration meter - BALTECH VP-3470

The product generates a vibration signature that has spectral components along with particular primary vibration sources-rotors,...

vibration meter portable - max. 1 kHz, max. 60 000 rpm, IP67 | MAC200

The MachineryMate™ 200 is specifically designed with a modern and sophisticated finish to enhance its features as well as its performance. It is considered as a simple vibration monitoring and analysis...

vibration meter portable - max. 10 kHz, max. 600 000 cpm, IP67 | MAC800 series

The Meggitts manual vibration meter has the ability to identify machine errors resulting to catastrophic damages. It raises the efficiency and cost-effectiveness by diagnosing different errors as well as bearing conditions....

vibration meter portable - 500 - 2 000 Hz| vPod II

Displayed with user select-able unit or detection, the Microprocessor easily measures averages and holds peak vibration data. A standard feature of the vPod and vPod II is the sensor bias...

vibration meter portable - 500 - 2 000 Hz | vPod

The vPod Series is a range of meters from Benstone that is designed to measure the average hold or peak hold vibration data and display them with unit/detection selection. It is suitable for...

vibration meter portable - 24 bit | vPod Lite

The vPod Lite vibration meter can be employed in different measurement applications. It is built to operate even under demanding conditions. An extensive precision 24 bit analog and digital converter is integrated....

vibration meter - 10 Hz - 1kHz | 407860


* Ranges - Acceleration: 200m/s², Velocity: 200mm/s, Displacement: 2mm
* Remote vibration sensor with magnetic adapter...

vibration meter - Leonova Diamond®

Leonova Diamond® is a portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. This heavy-duty yet sophisticated instrument brings powerful...

vibration meter portable - VibChecker

VibChecker is a light and compact-sized instrument for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are immediately...

vibration meter - 2 channels | VIBXPERT II Balancer

On-the-spot field balancing - simple, fast and accurate!

Looking for a powerful and easy to use field balancer?
Then look no further!

Easy one-hand operation
1 and 2 plane field balancing
Integrated vibration analysis and machine diagnostics

vibration meter - VIBSCANNER EX

The clever data collector & vibration analyzer for hazardous environments

VIBSCANNER EX is our proven data collector and vibration analyzer made for work in hazardous environments

ATEX zone 1 rated
Intuitive one-hand joystick operation
Integrated intrinsically safe sensors for vibration, speed and temperature measurements

vibration meter portable - 0-50 mm/s | VIBCHECK

Key features
Light weight & easy to use
Low cost, entry level vibration monitoring
Measures Vibration (velocity & Acceleration)
Vibration management to ISO2372
Optional fixed Transducers & mounting


vibration meter portable - max. 2000 mm/s | VM110

The VM110 Vibration Meter is a portable
battery powered instrument, it is ideal for
most machine vibration applications and can
form part of a more comprehensive system
should this be required.


vibration meter portable - 5 Hz - 12 kHz | HS-620

Key features
Velocity and Bearing Condition
Conforms to ISO 10816-3
Re-chargeable Battery (mains or In-car Charger)
Sensor/Cable Fault Indicator

vibration meter - GA2002

Reliable, repeatable and simple are three important criteria most people have
when looking at taking vibration measurements....

vibration meter - 30 - 200 000 rpm | MC 1100

Machine Control MC 1100 is the basic vibration meter for measuring the effective vibration velocity veff (rms) according to DIN ISO 10816-3 or the vibration acceleration and the rolling bearing condition gSP according to the shock pulse method. Using the...

vibration meter - 30 - 200 000 rpm | MC 1100


• True RMS measurement
• reading in mm/s or m/s²
• frequency tunable band-pass filter
• low power consumption
• two sensor options
• auto power off
• good low frequency features

vibration meter for hazardous locations / portable - 5500

Model: 5500

Monitor vibration on your machines with this compact and simple to operate vibration meter. These economical units are ideal for obtaining spot measurements of machine vibration. Pressing the ON button activates the unit. A vibration reading is then obtained...

vibration meter portable - VM2800

The economical and compact VIBRA-CHECK™ Vibration Meter is anideal tool for obtaining spot measurements of machinery vibration. All three useful measurements are possible....

vibration meter portable - VM3800

The economical and compact VIBRA-CHECK™ Vibration Meter is an ideal tool for obtaining spot measurements of machinery vibration. All three useful measurements are possible....

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