Linear displacement transducer / non-contact
955 eBrik™ Series AMETEK Factory Automation


New AMETEK/Gemco 955 eBrik lasts longer than linear potentiometers

A non-contact Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) from AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies ( offers greater durability and consistency than traditional potentiometers. The magnetostrictive technology of the new Gemco 955 eBrik has no moving parts to wear out and does not exhibit problems common to linear potentiometers.
The eBrik is designed to provide accurate continuous position feedback when installed on automated factory and processing machinery. Industry applications include plastic injection molding and extrusion equipment, tire and rubber, die casting, web tensioning, material handling, hydroelectric power generation and hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder actuation.
The sensor offers field programmable zero and span settings, plus electronic diagnostic feedback transmitted through the analog output. It is accurate to ±0.03% of stroke with repeatability to .001%. With a rugged, IP67 rated aluminum enclosure, the transducer is shock resistant and operates reliably in damp, dirty and extreme temperature applications.
The self-contained LDT is less than 2.54 cm (1”) in height, including all electronics. It is available in stroke lengths from 100 mm to 1825 mm (1” to 72”) with analog output signals of 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA. Standard 5-pin cordsets allow easy installation. An optional sliding magnet accommodates misalignment.


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