spray nozzle / flat spray / PTFE / stainless steel
NF series BETE



  • Function:


  • Stream:

    flat spray

  • Material:

    PTFE, stainless steel, brass

  • Other characteristics:

    male, high-impact

  • Orifice diameter:

    Min.: 0.66 mm

    Max.: 30.2 mm


NF high impact flat fan and standard fan nozzles are available in various sizes for different applications. The male connection, one-piece constructed nozzles come without any internal parts.

The nozzles provide high impact spray in fan and straight jet patterns at angles of 0°-120° with flow rates between 0.103-1380 gpm (0.161-3430 L/min). Extra-wide angles are available and the spray is uniformly distributed with tapered edges for overlapping sprays.