thermal evaporator / falling film / process / for dairy products
Apollo MVR CFT Packaging S.p.A.



  • Type:

    thermal, falling film

  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for dairy products


Renowned for its excellent reliability and gentleness in product treatment, the falling film M.V.R. (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) evaporator today lives a second childhood in the Rossi & Catelli Apollo evaporator line: its exceptional energy-saving level has never been achieved by other applications; this implies a striking reduction of running costs, as well as a considerable quality improvement. The Apolloevaporator can concentrate 100 t/h of infeed product (from 4.5 to 9-10° brix), extracting 45 t/h of evaporated water. The product thus obtained may be used as it is, or concentrated until obtaining the wished residue, by means of traditional multi-effect forced circulation plants. Thanks to the minimum holding times ( a few minutes) as well as the very reduced difference in temperature between the condensed vapours on the exchanger's shell and the product inside the tubes (4-6°C), the product's thermal damaging is practically null. The output concentrate is of a very high quality level from an organoleptic viewpoint and features a colour that can hardly be got with other concentration technologies.
Due to its special characteristics, the Apollo evaporator today represents the best technology to develop a first-rate concentration process with a high energy recovery of heat-sensitive products - both fibrous (like hot and cold break tomato juice or citrus fruits) and clear (like fruit juices, milk and other dairy products).

Energy saving up to 40%.
5 minutes overall residence time.
1:18 steam efficiency. By far the highest efficiency on the market.
6°C maximum delta T between heating vapours and product

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