vacuum evaporator / rotary / process / for dairy products
TSR CFT Packaging S.p.A.



  • Type:

    vacuum, rotary

  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for dairy products

  • Other characteristics:



CFT Manzini has developed a complete and automatic processing system for the production of products based on fruit as ingredients for finished products such as yogurt, bakery products, desserts, ice creams. etc.

The TSR machine is a continuous high-vacuum rotary coil evaporator for fruit and vegetable bases. The system has been designed to concentrate raw fruit and vegetable at very low concentration temperatures (below 38°C). Mixtures of products chunks with syrup can be concentrated roughly double fold, for instance 8 to 15 °brix (considering the syrup portion of the mix to remain unconcentrated during the process). The coil evaporator is equipped with its own surface condenser duly oversized to account for the large specific volume of vapor at low temperatures.

The goals of this plant are:

excellent end product quality
dice integrity (in products containing diced fruit)
to avoid as much as possible the damage due lo the thermal treatment to optimize the concentration homogeneity

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