slow-opening solenoid valve
DN 65 - 200 | VMH VMP Elettromeccanica Delta S.p.A.


  • Other characteristics:


  • Pressure:

    1300, 500, 200, 1600


The VMH type valve is a hydraulic actuator-operated, safety shut-off valve utilized for gaseous media. This valve is efficient for gas blocking and releasing controls.

The valve slowly opens for some seconds when the actuator is energized, and then closes for less than a second as soon as the power supply stops. Its hydraulic actuator is replaceable with a pneumatic actuator of VMP series.

The VMH is fit for continuous use. It has a wide array of maximum operating pressures of 200 mbar, 500 mbar, 1 300 mbar and 1 600 mbar. The valve has an AlSi DN65 DN200 materials/connections. The gas type required for this device are air and other non-aggressive gases, Family 1 - 2 - 3, EN 437 in particular.