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Semi-automatic horizontal band saw
max. ø 320 mm, 320 x 500 mm | Hercules+VHZ FMB

Semiautomatic band saw machine to cut at 0. Head structure in 3 parts: special aluminium alloy, steel and cast iron. Dynamometric blade tensioning. Broken blade micro. Head feeding system with hydraulic cylinder and front balanced valve for feeding regulation and cutting optimizing. Blade cleaning brush driven by motor gearbox. Blade guide with combined action of side bearings, carbide plates and top bearing. Direct drive: Reduction gear box with inclined grinded case hardened teeth lubricated with long lasting grease. VHZ electronical blade speed regulation for a wide range of blade speed selection. Connection of the motor wheel to a flange with two conical bearings. Material clamping vice with rack system, manual positioning and hydraulic locking cylinder. Ergonomic working table and control panel. Rugged loading side material support surface. Heavy duty basement. Sheet metal construction in different thickness, chips holding sides. Hydraulic unit for head cylinder movement and vice cylinder. Hydraulic cooling pump with 30 l capacity tank for feeding both blade guides. Electrical cabinet with 24VAC, main switch and electric drives .Digital display for blade rotation speed regulation. Total protection against highest voltage and short circuit current. Protection level IP 55.
Line voltage: 400V/50Hz/3Ph standard (230V/50Hz/1Ph-230V/50Hz/3Ph-220V/60Hz/1Ph-220V/60Hz/3Ph- 440V/60Hz/3Ph available). Machine colours: yellow RAL 1018 and grey RAL 7037.


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